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Find unique artworks from over 400 American artists at this beautiful boutique & gallery.  

Symmetry Boutique Storefront

Fairfield, Ohio is home to the stunning Symmetry Boutique & Gallery, featuring products from over 400 American artists working in original paintings, sculptures, clay, glass, metal, fashion and jewelry. It's easy to spend hours in the boutique, admiring all of the unique and original artwork... and the beauty begins the moment you get out of your car. I could spend hours in Symmetry Boutique admiring the abundance of their unique artwork— but I have to say, one of my favorite parts is the garden of art that welcomes you before you even reach the front door. Below are some of my favorite pieces that you can find outside of their storefront, and most of them are available to purchase inside as well! 

1. Beautiful Benches

These metalwork benches are my #1 favorite to check out when I visit. They're always so unique and I love checking them out every time a new one is added to Symmetry Boutique's collection. This Tree Bench below is their newest addition to their front porch! 

Metalwork Bench Tree

These benches are created for the outdoors and they definitely make a beautiful statement. They are made from Corten Steel and then power coated so that they're durable outside and in. Some of these same benches can be seen around Hamilton that have been there for more than 10 years. 

Metalwork Bench Dragonflies

The Dragonfly Bench above sits across from the new Tree bench... and personally, it is my all-time favorite piece I've seen at Symmetry Boutique so far— I love the iridescent colors, detailed craftmanship, and the overall structure. 

The bench shown below, Celestial Bench, can also been seen in Symmetry Boutique's garden in their storefront. It's easy to see how the benches reflect in sunlight and add some beautiful flair to the outdoors. 

Metalwork Bench Moon & Sun

Each bench is completely unique and they make a beautiful addition to any garden, patio, porch, deck, wooded landscape... and more! 

2. Art Poles by Studio M

Symmetry Boutique also carries a large collection of these Studio M exclusive Art Poles, and each one is an impactful way to bring art into any landscape. With such a diverse collection of colors, designs and styles there's bound to be at least one that catches your eye. 

Art Poles Garden

Each and every Art Pole comes with all the hardware you need, and they require no digging... which makes for an easy set up and a stunning finished product! A lot of the Art Poles found at Symmetry Boutique are also part of The Lyric Project, so they feature lyrics by Lennon & McCartney in addition to bold artwork by Stephanie Burgess — guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

There are a ton of different poles to admire, and every one features a vibrant design with some words of wisdom, song lyrics, inspiration, or commemoration. 

Art Poles Garden Birdbath

This collection also includes birdbaths made with hand-hammered, copper-plated stainless steel tops. If you need some inspiration, or want to see how these pieces can make an impact in your own garden, Symmetry Boutique has a few of these Art Poles in their garden too!

3. Metalwork & Sculptures

Another one of my favorite aspects of Symmetry's garden full of art is all of the sculptures throughout — each one is different and uniquely beautiful, which reflects on the wide variety of art that you'll find inside their shop.

I always love looking at the sculpture below on my walk into the boutique— Spring Awakening made from steel by Dale Rogers. In addition to this piece, Rogers also has a number of permanent sculptures located around Fairfield and Hamilton. 

Garden Sculpture

There are a ton of different styles to be seen right outside Symmetry Boutique, like the metal art below made by Don Drumm. Drumm is known for pioneering the use of cast aluminum as an artistic medium in the 1950s, as well as the use of contemporary building materials and techniques in art. You can find even more of his artwork inside the boutique. 

Drumm Metal Art

If you're interested in more kinetic art, then you'll love to admire the piece below by Joel Hotchkiss. Hotchkiss specializes in The Art of Mobiles bringing some elegance, balance and motion to compliment anyone's style. You can check out some of his other eclectic pieces on his Instagram.

Outdoor Eclectic Art

Whether you're looking to have a shopping spree, have a passion for art, or just want to admire a truly captivating place— there are always new, high-quality, American-made artworks, gifts and apparel to be discovered at Symmetry Boutique & Gallery. It's a must see on your next trip to the BC. When planning your visit, make sure to check their Deal of the Week for an extra bonus.  

Visit Symmetry Boutique & Gallery 

1000 Symmes Rd | Fairfield, OH 45014

Open Monday through Saturday 10am - 5pm | Closed Sundays

*All photo credit to Symmetry Boutique & Gallery 

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