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Seasoned With Love

Mz. Jade's Cafe is known best for her fresh, homemade, southern dishes.

Mz. Jade's Seafood Weekends

"I've always loved to cook and I cook with love," says Jade King, owner of Middletown's popular cafe — Mz. Jade's Soul Food. The cafe recently opened in March of 2020, serving Jade's southern-style, homemade cooking. She says her restaurant is known best for her Seafood Weekends, ribs, smothered pork chops, and fresh homemade side dishes. Jade loves to say her food is "Flavored with God's Favor and Highly Seasoned with Love!"

Mz. Jade's Story

Originally from Detroit, Jade moved to the Butler County area 10 years ago, and started her business in 2018 on Yankee Road, where she set up tents and cooked outside to serve the Middletown community with her homemade meals. "Growing up with my Grandmother, she taught me everything. I still remember her recipes, but as I got older, I started making my own recipes," Jade says. "I still use her recipes daily because she was the best."

Jade King, Mz. Jade's Soul Food Cafe

"The best part for me has been being in the Downtown Middletown area, being a part of the historic district," says Jade. "I love being in the art center because cooking is art —  you're using your imagination and you're using your creativity."

Middletown was the best location for Jade to open up her business, because here she is surrounded by family. With three sons, three daughters, and 11 grandchildren, Jade knew Middletown is where she would be.

"I love Middletown, everything about it. It's a family town, so I wanted to bring a family restaurant into a family town," she says. 

Mz. Jade's Seafood Specials

Some of Jade's children work with her in the cafe, and Jade says she has seen support from all over the Middletown community, as well as all over Ohio and other states. The first Sunday of every month, Mz. Jade's Soul Food Cafe offers meals for the homeless and families in need at closing time. This tradition started back in 2018 and is still carried on today. "I do a lot for the community, and the community does a lot for me too," Jade says, "I believe we all need each other." 

Mz. Jade's Menu

No matter what you're in the mood for, Mz. Jade's homemade cooking is always fresh, seasoned to perfection, and made with a whole lot of love. 

Mz. Jade's Southern Seafood

Mz. Jade's Soul Food Seafood Weekends are one of her most popular items. The seafood dinners typically feature crab legs, shrimp, sausage, potatoes, corn on the cob, eggs, and lemons — there are three different meals available each weekend with different variations of Jade's seafood specials. 

Along with her seafood, Jade's customers rave about her ribs, smothered pork chops, collard greens and the mac & cheese. 

Mz. Jade's Southern ribs

"Everyday is something different," says Jade. She encourages her customers to call the cafe or check the Facebook page for that day's menu, because she is always making something different. 

Her staple menu items include her ribs, pork chops, corn bread and her side dishes, but specials will range from day to day — From bacon-cheeseburgers, philly-cheesesteak rolls, and other comfort food to satisfy any craving. 

Mz. Jade's Cheeseburger

With so many amazing options, you can guarantee Mz. Jade's Soul Food will hit the spot. Every recipe is either from Jade's Grandmother, or her own creative take. Jade even makes her very own seasonings and flavor combinations to add another creative flare to her already incredible food. 

Philly cheesesteak Rolls

And of course... we can't forget dessert! Mz. Jade's Soul Food offers delectable desserts ranging from sweet-potato pie, homemade pound cake, and chocolate cake...

"But my most popular is my strawberry-banana pudding. That's what everyone comes for because its something different and creative," says Jade. 

Strawberry Banana Pudding

Whether you're visiting Mz. Jade's for some southern-style comfort food, a nice dinner, delicious lunch, or a quick dessert — know that everything is made with love. Her slogan says it all... Flavored With God's Favor, Highly Seasoned With Love!

"At the end of the day, there's only one unity and that's love. That's why I cook with love, it's important," Jade says. 

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*All Photo Credits Thanks to Mz. Jade's Soul Food Cafe*