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It's Time to Get Frosty

Who's ready to build their own boozy slushy at The Frost Factory?

Liberty Center added a new business this Summer, and it's a huge hit for the kids... and especially the adults! The Frost Factory serves build-your-own alcoholic slushies, craft cocktails, fishbowls, and delicious non-alcoholic slushies for kids. 

Frost Factory Slushy

Let's Get Frosty

The Frost Factory first opened it's doors on July 11, 2020 and their turnout was so incredible, they completely sold out of product before the end of the day... and it's clear why. This new, modern-chic hotspot serves as a full bar with everyone's favorite frozen drink — slushies!   

The Frost Factory

The Frost Factory was the creative idea of two friends, Sammi Wendt and Jamie Bridge, who made this dream business a reality. Jamie originally came up with the idea after seeing a similar concept with margaritas while on vacation. When she brought the idea to Sammi, The Frost Factory really started to take shape. "I knew it needed to be a build-your-own slushie bar, so you aren't stuck with one thing," Sammi says. 

There are 13 slush flavors to choose from, and with each one you can add in your preferred type of alcohol. You also have the option of creating your own combination and layering two flavors together.

There are four pre-made frozen mixes, which will alternate every few months. Right now, the four flavors are: The Mermaid Mule (pictured below), The Blueberry Mojito, Watermelon Frose, and Red Sangria. The other flavor options are available for build-your-own combinations and made alcohol-free for younger customers. 

Frost Factory's Mermaid Mule

Every recipe was created by Sammi and Jamie and each slushie is made with fresh fruit. The Frost Factory even makes their own sweet and sour and simple syrup, so you know that every drink is their own unique, fresh recipe.

"Presentation and quality are some of the most important things to us," Sammi says. "It's important that our products are of the best quality."

Frost Factory Flavors

In addition to slushies, The Frost Factory also serves as a full bar. Their menu is packed with even more creative craft-cocktails (non-frozen), a selection of beer, specialty shots, and warm drinks to sip on for cooler nights — and because the Liberty Center has a DORA Program, you can ask for a special sticker and freely walk around with your drink within the program's limits! 

Boozy Slushy at The Frost Factory

All of the flavors lining the back wall sound delicious, so feel free to ask the bartender for recommendations. While I was there, I was recommended The Mermaid Mule (pre-made with alcohol), or the slushie flavors Strawberry Basil Lemon, Blackberry Jalapeño and the Orange Dream. The good news is, if you can't decide on just one, you can get a flight! All slushie flavors are available in a flight of three, or you can also go all out and try your slushie in a 40oz fishbowl. You can check out their current full menu here

With a ton of shops and restaurants neighboring The Frost Factory in the Liberty Center, Sammi says they allow customers to bring in take-out from the other restaurants as well. "We want to support everybody," she says. "We really want to build a positive community, and make this a fun place to come in and hangout."

Visit The Frost Factory

4547 Bales Street | Liberty Center, Ohio 

The Frost Factory