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The History

The Mullen Dairy Farm and Creamery has been in the Mullen family for roughly 125 years. Located in Okeana, Ohio, the farm is still operational while under the leadership of Emily Mullen – part of the fourth generation to run the farm.

The Mullen Dairy & Creamery Cows

Once upon a time, in 1898, roughly 95% of the country worked in agriculture, but as times changed, that number has since dropped to around 2% — a number that makes the farms of today crucial pieces of our community. That is the goal of The Mullen Dairy Farm and Creamery: to make an impact on their community by providing high-quality milk and milk-based products. 


The Mullen Dairy & Creamery Milk

When you first walk into their store, you can browse all of their farm décor for purchase, all crafted by local artisans, as well as their wide variety of flavored milks and other milk-based items. It is shocking to learn just how many products contain milk; soap, lotions, and lip balm are just some examples of what you can find here. 


Calf Yoga

In addition to what is on their shelves, Mullen Dairy Farm and Creamery also offers a multitude of different events for those that want to explore the farm life, from Calf Yoga to Bedtime Stories and more! Easter egg hunts in the spring, a pumpkin patch and hayride in the fall, and “Christmas with the Cows” are just some of the many events offered. 

What is really spectacular, however, are the tours that you can schedule. With 80+ cows in the barn behind their store, there is a lot that goes into raising and maintaining the cows that put milk on your table. Take a peek behind the curtain at all of the interesting technology that is utilized on dairy farms today. 

Where To Find The Mullen Dairy & Creamery Products

The Mullen Dairy and Creamery

Interested in trying some of their milk for yourself? You can find it at these locations:

  • The Mullen Dairy & Creamery – 7938 Hamilton Scipio Rd | Okeana, Ohio
  • Okeana Outpost – 6179 Cincinnati Brookville | Okeana, Ohio
  • Ross Bakery – 4421 Hamilton Cleves Rd | Hamilton, Ohio OR 1051 Eaton Ave | Hamilton, Ohio
  • Mimi’s Lil Kitchen – 2267 Millville Ave | Hamilton, Ohio
  • The Donut Dude – 7132 Cincinnati Dayton Rd | West Chester, Ohio
  • The Donut Spot – 5130 Pleasant Ave | Fairfield, Ohio
  • Schaffer’s Farm Market 5024 Jacksonburg Rd | Trenton, Ohio
  • 6 Crumbl Cookie locations including the West Chester and Fairfield Township stores

Visit The Mullen Dairy and Creamery

7938 Hamilton Scipio Rd | Okeana, Ohio

Monday - Saturday: 9 - 6:30