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The Luxe Wedding & Event Center is new, improved and ready for your next magical event.

The Luxe has been an event venue since it's debut back in the 80s— but now, nearly thirty years later, the space is under new ownership with a new vision. The space has undergone major renovations, bringing a versatile and modern style to Fairfield. As a wedding photographer for over 13 years, Luxe Co-owner Angela Sampson brought a unique perspective to the venue's updated design, including all of the picture perfect details.


Photo taken before renovations. 

Luxe Renovation

Photo Credit : The Luxe Event Center


Rendering of completed renovations. 

The Luxe

Photo Credit : Rendering by Chaatrik Architecture & Urban Design

Dreams Coming to Life

A few years ago, Gary Barker purchased The Luxe from the family who originally built it in the early 80s. He continued to lease out the building for events and ended up hiring a photographer named Angela Sampson, which eventually blossomed into a partnership as co-owners. From the start, both Gary and Angela immediately agreed on their vision... they would bring something beautiful to Fairfield. The style they wanted was industrial elegance.

Unlike most venues, The Luxe was designed from a photographer's viewpoint, so every renovation down to the color of the walls was chosen intentionally. 

"It's always been a dream to own my own venue," Angela says. "After working in the wedding industry for so long, I know what aspects are important for beautiful photos."

The Luxe Chandelier

Photo by Angela Sampson, AJ Studio 

But it's not only about the photography— it was important to Gary and Angela to create a space that would be upscale, yet comfortable and fun. The main room can accommodate 250-300 people between two levels, and features this beautiful statement wall, access to the outdoor space, a grand staircase, and of course... the gorgeous crystal chandelier.  

"The two levels are so nice for flow of the day," Angela explains. "People can choose to do a cocktail hour on the second floor and then move to the first floor for the reception."

The Luxe, Angela Sampson Photography

Photo by Angela Sampson, AJ Studio

While The Luxe has undergone an incredible transformation, Angela says they are still adding the finishing touches and gradually renovating the other two rooms in the event center as well. The middle room is the largest, accommodating up to 700 people while the back room can allow for 250. 

Another perk of the main room however, is access to the newly renovated outdoor space. This can be booked in addition to the main room and is perfect for ceremonies, added reception space, or cocktail hour.

The Luxe, Outdoor Space

The space is completely fenced in for privacy, including features like a pergola, paved walkway, and a grassy accent wall— ideal for fun photos and those Instagram-worthy shots. 

Blending Upscale & Urban 

Working with CHAATRIK Architecture & Urban Design— a company that has done a lot of work in Downtown Cincinnati— The Luxe renovations perfectly blend upscale and urban styles. The crystal chandelier and the second floor's glass railing add a unique element, being repurposed from the Millennium Hotel in Cincinnati.

"We wanted to give people that feeling of being Downtown... but without the stress of limited parking," Angela says.

The Luxe Grand Staircase

In addition to impeccable design, Angela and Gary also have big plans to give back to the community. One thing Angela knew from working in the industry was how expensive weddings can be, and how some couples struggle to pay for the big day. In the future, The Luxe is hoping to choose one couple a month and reserve the back room for them free of charge. To further help with affordability and allow for more diversity, The Luxe does not require any specific catering companies. 

"It's your big day, so it's about you and what you want," says Angela. "We have an awesome list of referrals, but we are happy to work with anyone across the board."

It's All in The Details

There is so much beauty in the appearance and accommodations, but it doesn't stop there. Gary and Angela put thought into everything; even the small details. Take the Bridal Suite for example... one of my personal favorite features. 

Not only is the style of the room gorgeous, but Angela says the color was chosen because it's known to have a happy, calming effect and it shoots beautifully in photos. 

The Luxe Bridal Suite

Photo by Angela Sampson, AJ Studio

The suite also has a hidden back hallway that leads to the second level, so if someone wants to make a grand entrance without being seen, they can use that hallway to enter the main room from down the staircase.

Another personal favorite— the beautiful staircase could give anyone an elegant Titanic or Cinderella moment on their big day! Talk about a shining moment.

Angela Sampson Wedding Photography

Photo by Angela Sampson, AJ Studio

The Luxe is not reserved for only weddings either— the event center has also held fundraisers, quinceañeras, corporate parties, bar mitzvahs, and other major events as well. The Luxe is currently booking for the end of 2021, 2022 and beyond.

Don't miss an opportunity to host your picture-perfect, lively, LUXEurious event! 

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