• Oct 24

    Inside Look - Municipal Brew Works

    I’m always looking for hidden gems or unique experiences around the county. Recently, I hit a craft beer lover’s jackpot. A brewery in Hamilton is bringing new life to an 80-year-old former city building with delicious drinks and a relaxing atmosphere. Ever since opening in the summer of 2016, the

  • Oct 23

    Peanut Butter Paradise

    There are some things from your childhood you grow out of. When you get enough practice, you take the training wheels off the bike. You remove the tee when you’re ready, and start hitting baseballs out of the park. But, there are some things that are too good to let

  • Oct 17

    Do You Kombucha?

    With a history dating back 2,000 years to ancient China, Kombucha is this year’s trendiest comeback kid. This fizzy, fermented tea is now on tap and available for your consumption at Jungle Jim’s very own Kombucha bar located in the natural foods section. The natural foods section has undergone a

  • Oct 17

    An Evening at the Funny Bone Cincinnati

    I lose all of my inhibitions when I think something is really funny. I double over, expose my large grin, and let out a booming laugh that fills the room. This kind of carefree joviality is what I experienced at the Funny Bone Cincinnati at Liberty Center. This premiere comedy

  • Oct 9

    Leaf in the Moment

    October... the month when pumpkin spice surrounds us, we can feel the warmth from bonfires in our friends’ backyards, and we are awarded a free front row seat to the annual metamorphosis of the trees in Butler County. Recently, I wandered around the county’s many parks and witnessed the immense

  • Oct 9

    Bring Back Breakfast

    Weekends spent with friends and family enjoying mimosas and Bloody Mary’s are weekends well spent. What I miss, is the simplicity of eggs and coffee with a side of the morning paper. I miss watching the sunrise while my short stack is served piping hot. And I miss smelling like

  • Oct 4

    The Knitty Gritty

    To my fellow knitters, Do you ever get in the middle of project just to make a mistake and not know how to fix it? I know I do. Now you can visit Lambikin’s Hideaway in Hamilton for all your knitting and crocheting needs. Knowledgeable knitters, aka Lambikin’s employees, are

  • Oct 2

    Grainworks Brewing Company

    In the summer of 2015, with the gentle nudge of a friend, Steven Brock and his team put pen to paper. They began to make plans for what would become the newly opened Grainworks Brewing Company. Since college Brock had been in the construction industry, and a lover of beer

  • Oct 2

    Experience Fall the Burwinkel Way

    Pumpkins and corn mazes are to fall as snowmen and hot cocoa are to winter; they are synonymous with the season. Some of my greatest childhood memories have taken place while wandering through a corn maze with my family and carefully choosing between pumpkins. Burwinkel Farms in Ross Township allows