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How much do you know about Butler County, Ohio?

The Butler County Flag

Have you seen Butler County's flag flying high? Our flag features the clock tower of the historic Butler County Courthouse, showing the time at 8 o'clock. 

BC Ohio Flag

Photo Credit : Ohio Statehouse

The flag was designed by Gene Egleston of Egleston Advertising in 1997, according to flag expert John Purcell. 


BC Background

Butler County, Ohio was founded on March 24, 1803 — only about 3 weeks after Ohio first became a state. The county is named in honor of Major General Richard Butler.

BC Cities & Towns Names


Game: Word Search

Can you find all 12 of Butler County's cities and towns below?

Word Search Game

For the answer key and more Butler County games, check out our Activity Book


Did You Know?

The BC is located in the southwestern corner of Ohio. This rural area was known for leading the powerhouse behind the brewing industry in Ohio. Butler County has had a long history of agricultural dominance in Ohio, as West Chester and Liberty Township were the areas with the best farmland, and Hamilton fathered a ton of agricultural equipment companies that innovated farming across the country. 

BC Ohio Map

In the late 1800s, brewers like Moerlein, Hauck, Windisch and Muhlhauser all maintained summer homes in Butler County and operated some of the largest farms in the area catering to the production of beer. Along side our brewing history, our county is known for some other pretty cool things too:

  • Butler County is home to the famous Donut Trail that has brought in people from all over the country to see if they can complete their DT Passports, featuring 13 local donut shops. 
  • Butler County was home to many famous and inspiring musicians! Check out our playlist Local Jams on Spotify. 
  • Since 2009, 12 different movies have been filmed in Butler County: See some of them here

And it doesn't stop there. Butler County in its entirety is full of fun, unique experiences, and rich history.


The Historical Courthouse

The Butler County Courthouse has held a lot of historical significance and beauty through the years. It's clock tower is just one beautiful aspect of the building — which is why it's probably featured on our flag! 

Butler County Courthouse

The county built the first courthouse on this public square in Hamilton in 1810. The two-story stone building contained a jail on the first floor and a courtroom on the upper level. A new brick two-story courthouse was built on this square in 1817, and the clock tower that is featured on the flag was added to the top of the building in 1837. 

BC Courthouse Clock Tower

Photo Credit : Butler County Historical Society 

You can learn more about the courthouse, it's history, and it's architecture along the Hamilton Historical Driving Tour — the courthouse is Stop #6!

For more information on Butler County's general history, visit the Butler County Historical Society!

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