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Pippin's Produce Cultivates Gardening Sustainably 

Pippin's Produce, Liberty Farm Market Ohio

"Farming with purpose" is the motto for Anthony Pippin, owner of Pippin's Produce. He grows a variety of fruits, vegetables, and plants at Liberty Farm Market— a co-op offering local, high-quality products as well as festivals, workshops and wine tastings. 

Pippin's Produce's Beginnings

Anthony Pippin, originally from Indiana, moved to Fairfield in 2015. After growing a large garden in his backyard, Anthony's farming and gardening ventures skyrocketed; his neighbors began asking to buy produce from him. He doesn't just farm because he loves to grow food; he does it because he wants to help his neighbors reconnect with their food.

Pippin's Produce

Anthony now has 6 acres of market crops, 10 acres of sweet corn, and 20,000 sq/ft of greenhouse at Liberty Farm Market. You can also purchase his fresh produce at a variety of local farmers markets such as the Fairfield Farmers Market and the West Chester Market.  

Community Supported Agriculture

Anthony started out with 20 CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) members which has grown to over 100 members. CSA is a system that connects producers and consumers within the food system closer by allowing the consumer to subscribe to the harvest of a certain farm or group of farms.

Pippin's Produce

One of the best benefits of belonging to a CSA program is that you get farm-fresh seasonal produce that is grown locally. Due to their utilization of high tunnels, greenhouses, and outdoor growing spaces, Pippin's Produce is able to provide for their CSA community year-round.

Farming with a Purpose

Pippin's Produce practices organic growing practices by using natural methods of enriching the soil and natural ways of fighting the weeds and pests that try to devour the produce.

Pippin's Produce, Butler County Ohio

Pippin's Produce amends the soil with compost, natural fertilizers, and compost teas. They also utilize interplanting, row covers, and beneficial insects. Chemical-free farming practices help reduce pollution, conserve water, reduce soil erosion, increase soil fertility, and use less energy.

Pippin's Produce

Pictured: Row Covers to protect the crops from insects

Anthony tells us that his main goal is to provide fresh, chemical-free produce to the community.

Flowers & Herbs

Along with fresh produce, Pippin's Produce offers a variety of beautiful flowers and herbs. Anthony also plants sunflowers and pumpkins— perfect for fall and the annual fall festival at Liberty Farm Market. 

Pippin's Produce Flowers

Anthony typically hosts a Mother's Day Flower Sale at Liberty Farm Market every year. He is also implementing some U-Pick events for fresh flowers and herbs straight from his garden, so stay tuned!

The Liberty Farm Market

The main goal of Liberty Farm Market is to bring the community together through food, wellness, and events. Their large indoor market offers a wide variety of products for guests to shop.

Liberty Farm Market, Liberty Township Ohio

Guests can also meet their farm animals; goats Honey and Odis, and the sheep Snap, Crackle, and Pop! There's even a playground for the kids, and a variety of events and festivals to check out year-round. With so much to do, Liberty Farm Market makes for a great family-friendly activity on the weekend.

Visit Pippin's Produce & Liberty Farm Market

5850 Princeton Road | Liberty Township, Ohio

Open Wednesday through Sunday, 10AM – 6PM

Pippin's Produce, Liberty Farm Market Ohio