Fringe Coffee House
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Inside Look at the NEW Fringe Coffee House

Fringe Industries serves as a re-entry and recovery hub to the Hamilton community

Nestled within the captivating historic landscape of Hamilton, Ohio, you'll find The Fringe Coffee House. 

Fringe Coffee House

Fringe Industries Mission

Fringe Industries is committed to empowering the prisoner, returning citizen and those in recovery to live healthy, whole lives. Their transformative 10-week prison art/music therapy program, 'Scars and Bars,' delves into the roots of incarceration and destructive behavior, fostering kinship and mentorship among the incarcerated. 

Fringe Coffee House

Upon release, Fringe Industries extends opportunities for meaningful employment through a one-year paid job training program within The Fringe Coffee House or one of their other social enterprises. Each individual entering their doors receives a tailored holistic re-entry support plan.

The Fringe Coffee House Experience 

The Fringe Coffee Shop is the largest indoor street-art gallery in Butler County and is dedicated to offering employment opportunities to returning citizens. Throughout the course of this program, a personalized re-entry plan is crafted for each employee, aimed at dismantling every conceivable barrier to successful reintegration. 

Fringe Coffee House

The warm and inviting atmosphere of The Fringe Coffee House is a truly unique community space. They serve a breakfast/light lunch-style menu, offering the finest coffee and espresso, roasted with Yield Roasters, and more.

Live entertainment and street-art is a vibrant part of Fringe's identity, including a diverse array of genres in music, comedy nights, poetry readings, trivia evenings, and an ever-evolving array of engaging events.

Meeting Spaces

Fringe Industries offers versatile meeting spaces for various needs, from corporate gatherings to church events, and special occasions like birthdays, graduations, and showers. Fringe Industries offers small, medium, and large meeting spaces for rent. The entire building can even be rented on Sundays.

Fringe Coffee House

Take your next corporate meeting to the next level at Fringe Industries. Funds received from renting space help supports second chance initiatives for those recovering from prison, addiction, or homelessness. 

Come hang out with friends or family, grab a cup of coffee and admire the colorful, vibrant murals that adorn the walls at Fringe Coffee House. 

Visit Fringe Coffee House

604 High St | Hamilton, OH

Monday-Friday, 7am-3pm | Saturday, 8am-4pm

Closed Sundays 


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