Woman-Owned Businesses Ohio

Inspiring Quotes from 7 Woman Business Owners

Empowered Women Empower Women!

Every year on March 8th, International Women's Day is celebrated around the world. This day is dedicated to recognizing the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women everywhere.  Butler County is home to many inspiring women entrepreneurs, artists, culinary experts, small-business owners, and more. These women make a huge impact on our county everyday and help to make it a diverse, fun, and unique place to visit. 

We've asked some of the women in our county to share what being a woman-owned business means to them.

1. Taylor Nichols 

For all of your holistic needs, Silver Vixen is a mother-daughter duo in Liberty Center that offers crystals, candles, incense, teas, books, and unique artisan-crafted jewelry.

Photo Credit : Silver Vixen

"Being a woman-owned business means sisterhood, family, friendship, and community," 
— Taylor Nichols


2. Rosanna Ruwe

The perfect shop to satisfy your sweet tooth! Shop homemade cakes, macarons, cookies, cupcakes and more delectable treats all while supporting a local women-owned business at Lulu's Sweets Boutique in West Chester. 

"We have an amazing sense of community and support, and we give that back to our customers," 
— Rosanna Ruwe


3. Carrie & Abbey O'Neal

Shop an eclectic mix of delightful doodads, stationary, and gifts at Scripted Studio in Hamilton! This mother-daughter shop is Illuminated with natural light and showered with bright colors, and is exactly the kind of place you hope to stumble on while exploring a new destination.

Scripted Studio

"We are heavily focused on female empowerment with the products in our shop and supporting women of all ages that come in. I was raised by strong women, and I hope to raise strong women," 
— Carrie O'Neal


4. Liz Glover

Tiny Bistro is a tiny shop in Fairfield with a big heart. This unique kiosk specializes in a variety of hot dogs all named after Liz's granddaughters. Each of the specialty hot dogs reflects their personality.

Tiny Bistro

Photo Credit : Tiny Bistro

"It's important to uplift other women to give them the courage that they can achieve their dreams like me," 
— Liz Glover


5. Jade King

Mz Jade's Soul Food Cafe in Middletown is best known for her homemade southern dishes. No matter what you're in the mood for, Mz. Jade's homemade cooking is always seasoned to perfection, and made with a whole lot of love. 

"Growing up with my Grandmother, she taught me everything. I still remember her recipes, but as I got older, I started making my own recipes. However, I still use her recipes daily because she was the best," 
— Jade King


6. Kathryn Marsman

Nestled in the heart of vibrant Uptown Oxford, Kofenya is more than just a place to grab your morning caffeine; it's a warm, inviting cafe that embodies the essence of the Oxford community. Whether you're seeking a quiet moment of reflection or craving the perfect espresso shot, Kofenya welcomes you. 

"Kofenya Coffee was started by two women in 2004 who were in their junior year of college at Miami University, and that's really inspiring to me,"  
— Kathryn Marsman


7. Diane Herbel

State Street Coffee is a trendy and fun coffee shop in Trenton. This locally owned boutique coffee shop serves premium coffee, tea, smoothies, bagels, pastries — and their specialty... coffee flights!

State Street Coffee

"I always knew that my true passion was being with people and my community. I saw a need for more local businesses in my hometown and decided to open my own coffee shop. I love coffee, and I wanted to make sure that my shop was a fun and comfortable space for everyone,"
— Diane Herbel