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Every year on March 8th, International Women's Day is celebrated around the world. This day is dedicated to recognizing the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women everywhere. We asked some of the inspiring women in our county to share their best advice, inspiring messages, or stories of success to help highlight the many different ways women are phenomenal. From small business owners, to professional chefs, to artists and more— this is how women change the world.     


Jade King

Nothing beats the delicious, homemade dishes from Jade King's southern cafe. Mz. Jade's Soul Food Cafe in Middletown serves her famous ribs, seafood platters, strawberry-banana pudding, and more of Jade's incredible creations.  

Jade King, Mz. Jade's Soul Food

"The difference between getting somewhere and nowhere is the courage to make an early start. The fellow who sits still and does just what they are told will never be told to do big things," — Jade King


Sarah Dankhoff

Owner of the boho-chic gift shop, Wildfire Hygge Goods, Sarah opened up her business in Hamilton selling gifts and home decor. She has a love for products with inspirational messages— the pieces in your home and everyday that make you stop and remember why life is so good.

Sarah, Wildfire Hygge Goods

"The name Wildfire was given to me in prayer in 2015 and it had nothing to do with owning a business. Bewildered by the foreign word... I started researching wildfires. And what I learned made a very difficult spot in life make sense: that devastation was sent to my life to clear my path. God was up to something, and a big forest was eventually going to sprout. But first, I had to be leveled of the life that was never meant to be. Over the coming years, my family would experience wildfire moments again— when we thought we were on the right path but everything fell apart. Still, my heart held on to the promise of the forest that would grow after the fire," — Sarah Dankhoff


Chef Michelle Brown

A mother, wife, philanthropist, mentor, chef proprietor and owner of Jag's Steak & Seafood in West Chester. Michelle has defined and built the Jag's reputation as one of the region's premier dining and entertainment venues. 

Chef Michelle Brown

"In my 29 years of restaurant experience, I've had the honor of mentoring over 100 aspiring chefs. Many of these students have been women. Letting them see firsthand that it is attainable to achieve a work/life balance of running a successful business, maintaining friendships, and enjoying time with your family, has been one of my greatest pleasures. It is important for them to understand that you must also surround yourself with like-minded individuals, creating an uplifting environment of support," — Michelle Brown



Sara Vallandingham & Maria Peckinpaugh

This wonderful mother-daughter duo are the brilliant minds behind the boutique, Sara's House, in Hamilton. Their shop specializes in the unique and celebrates in the repurposed— offering one of a kind furniture, accessories, women's clothing, gifts, home decor and more.

Sara Vallandingham & daughter Maria Peckinpaugh

"Now more than ever, I believe in the power of knowing your passion. Find a way to live it out! Pull together with other creatives, learn from them and give back as well," — Sara Vallandingham


Cassie Dryer

Creating art for the young at heart, Cassie is the artist and owner of JellyDoodles in Middletown. Her creativity has blossomed over the years, creating a series of whimsical characters and extremely popular stickers, buttons, accessories and more.  

Cassie Dryer

"The bravest thing anyone can do is to learn something new. Sharing your progress can inspire others to step out of their comfort zone and try something new, too," — Cassie Dryer


Chef Charlotte Akoto

As the chef and owner of Divine Appetite Cafe in West Chester, Charlotte tells her stories through her culinary creations. She has been cooking up traditional African soul-food for nearly 50 years, and is also a world-class baker with delicious cookies, cobblers, and homemade pies.  

Chef Charlotte Akoto

"My business is built on four strong foundations! The first and most important is faith, then hard work and perseverance because sometimes in life we will encounter difficulties. Last but not the least is the quality of the food we cook and serve. That keeps our customers coming back for more," — Charlotte Akoto


Marina Amaral

Marina is the owner of Le Macaron French Pastries located in Liberty Center. Try her true French macarons (made with the perfect delicacy), original French gelato, delicate French pastries, European style beverages and more!

Marina, Le Macaron Liberty Center

 "Behind every successful woman is HERSELF!" — Marina Amaral

Melinda Mueller

What started as a hobby in her home kitchen, has developed into a popular chocolate shop in Fairfield Township (and now a second location!) Melinda opened up her own chocolate shop, Ruby's Chocolates, named after her grandmother and biggest inspiration. Her signature truffle cakes are a must-try! 

Melinda Mueller & her two sons

"The first thing I would tell anyone is to listen to your gut feeling. Because your gut feeling, I believe is your God feeling... He gave you your gut feeling to let you know what path to choose. Believe in yourself always and never give up on your dreams," — Melinda Mueller


More Woman-Owned Businesses

Below are other wonderful and inspiring women in our county! 

Rosanna Ruwe – Lulu's Sweets Boutique

Rosanna, Lulu's Sweets Boutique

Cassidy Ruhlman — Antiquity Tea

Cassidy, Antiquity Tea Ohio

Cindy Wallis — Jupiter Coffee & Donuts

Cindy, Jupiter Coffee & Donuts

Anita Karande — Molly's Cupcakes, Liberty Center

Anita, Molly's Cupcakes Cincinnati

Carrie O'Neal — Scripted Studio

Carrie, Scripted Studio

Mel Kutzera & Monica Nenni — West Central Wine

West Central Wine, Woman-Owned

Lisa Leishman — You're Fired! Pottery Studio

Lisa, You're Fired! Studio


Happy International Women's Day!


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