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This boutique winery and vineyard creates the best country fruit wines.

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There is nothing quite like a sweet red wine, especially when it's made fresh from a local vineyard. Seven Mile Winery likes to compare their unique selection of fruit wines to country in a bottle. This new veteran-owned, boutique winery and vineyard has a lot to offer— from the taste and quality of their wines, to their rustic barn and beautiful land. 

It's Like Country in a Bottle

Stephen and Stephanie Mortenson got married in 2020, and in that same year, opened up their very own boutique winery. Stephen had been making his own wines since 2008 after a trip to Grand Junction, Colorado sparked his interest. He began with an at-home kit, using his friends and family as taste testers. 

Seven Mile Winery

The idea to open Seven Mile Winery all started when Stephen proposed to Stephanie back in 2017 and through the wedding planning process, the couple was having a hard time finding a venue. That's when Stephanie suggested that Stephan finally open his dream winery with a barn they could use for their wedding venue.

Seven Mile Winery, Middletown ohio

The Mortenson's bought land right down the road from their home, and began building their dream business. At the time, the land was completely overgrown with dead trees. With some hard work and passion, the couple uncovered the true beauty of the acreage, built a beautiful rustic barn, and planted 42 grapevines. 

Seven Mile Winery has bigger plans to add 140 more grapevines this year, and to offer 8 to 12 different flavors of their own wine.

Local Sweet Fruit Wines

Right now, the winery offers six different wines; four sweet red wines and two sweet white wines.

"They are all country fruit wines, because we want to stick to what we know best," Stephen says. "We like to call them country in a bottle."

Grown & Produced On Site

All of the wines offered at Seven Mile Winery are grown, fermented and bottled in house. They use four fermenters that each hold 230 gallons. Stephen says they refer to them as the "Apollos" because of their resemblance of the huge spacecrafts. The grapes sit in the fermenters for 8-10 weeks before being bottled. 

Seven Mile Winery, Ohio

And with six delicious flavors, guests can't go wrong. Stephen says their Husker Red is one of his personal favorites. It's their semi-sweet red wine, named after his and Stephanie's 10-year-old Labrador. Guests can try a variety of the wines with a Wine Flight, or even try their popular blackberry wine, Bella Note, in of their wine slushies. 

Seven Mile Winery Menu:

  • Husker Red — Semi-sweet red wine made with the popular Concord grape.
  • Bella Note — Sweet red wine made with fresh blackberries.
  • Wild Crush — Sweet red wine made with delicious blueberries. 
  • Irresistible — Sweet red wine made with a combination of blackberry and blueberry flavor. 
  • Apple Crisp — Semi-sweet white wine made with freshly picked apples. 
  • Ad Amare Vino — Sweet white wine made with Muscat grapes (moscato), combined with flavors of peach, pear and orange blossom. 

Fruit Wines, Seven Mile Winery

In the future, Stephen says the winery will get up to 8-12 flavors of their in-house wines and bring in different seasonal flavors as well. The winery has become the Stephen's biggest passion, and a dream come to life. 

"I can't wait to see where things go. I hope to leave a legacy that I can pass down to my kids, and keep it in my family for a long time," he says. 

Book Your Event

In addition to their opening hours Thursday through Saturday, Seven Mile Winery is also a venue for different events. Stephen says so far they have hosted painting classes, food trucks, and look forward to more events as well. Because Stephen and Stephanie held their wedding at the barn, they also hope to help other couples with their dream venue. 

Seven Mile Winery

The features at Seven Mile Winery make for a beautiful event. Guests can enjoy the rustic-country venue with a pond, a barn loft with a balcony, a bridal suite, and even a gazebo overlooking the vineyard. 

Whether you're in search of a wedding venue or just a relaxing evening in the country, Seven Mile Winery is worth checking out! 

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3526 Somerville Jacksonburg Road | Middletown, OH 45042

Open Thursday and Friday 5 - 8PM, and Saturday 1 - 8PM

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