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Welcome to the toy store that adults and kids of all ages can enjoy! West Chester Toys is full of possibilities and new discoveries. Owner David Downing originally opened the shop to specialize in STEM toys, but since opening in the fall of 2021, West Chester Toys has evolved into so much more.  

Promoting Activity, Learning

With an ever-growing selection of toys, games and activities, David looks to supply the hard-to-find items and products that you won't find just anywhere. All of the products aim to fit the shop's overall focus of promoting activity and learning while having fun. Whether you're searching for something specific or just browsing, it's almost impossible to leave West Chester Toys empty-handed. You can check out their full Catalog (A - Z) online here.  

Here's a snapshot of what you'll find...


STEM Toys, West Chester Toys

First off, you will discover an incredible selection of STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering + Math) toys that can help kids of all ages develop their skills. From Building Robots to an Edible Chemistry Kit to Brain Teasers, there are a ton to choose from. Regardless of who you're shopping for, there are STEM toys in a variety of themes for kids of all ages. 


Gordon at West Chester Toys

Meet Gordon the robot, the official mascot at West Chester Toys. Created by David, this fun guy can be found all around the shop. Kids signed up for the Birthday Club will receive a special Gordon plush toy and a special treat on their birthday! Get more details and sign up for the club in-store.

Baby + Toddler Section

Toddler Toys & Games, West Chester Toys

Explore the dedicated Baby + Toddler section for plush toys— like the classic Care Bears, or everyone's favorite Oscar the Grouch— as well as a large selection of learning books, beginner games, wooden puzzles, bath toys and more.

Family Fun Games 

Funny Games, West Chester Toys

Toys aren't just for kids... you can find a ton of Adult Games and Family Games that everyone will enjoy. There's the classics of course, like Monopoly— and not only the classic game, but a range of themed Monopoly boards. If you're looking for something different, check out something silly like The Game of Baloney or Beagle or Bagel? One of David's top recommendations is Klask; it's easy to learn, competitive and addictive! You can even give it a test run and play in-store with the table already set up. 

Crafts + Books

Coloring Books, West Chester Toys

Bring out the creative side with coloring books, craft kits, construction toys, or D.I.Y projects— anything from the complete Arts & Crafts Vault to a Brew It Yourself Root Beer Kit. If you're shopping for a reader, you can shop so many Books at West Chester Toys too. 

Nostalgic Toys

Barrel of Monkeys, West Chester Toys

Who remembers Barrel of Monkeys? Stop by the shop to be reminded of your childhood with all the classics— like Hacky Sack, Battleship (Original 1967 Edition), or Hot Wheels—  and the shop even has nostalgic snacks like Cracker Jacks or Pop Rocks, and a fridge full of old-fashion sodas.

Sports + Action Games

Activity Toys & Games, West Chester Toys

If you're looking to get active, the Sports or Skill & Action sections are perfect for you. Find all kinds of games that will get everyone moving and entertained— from Nerf games to Slam Ball, or Laser Tag to Versus (light up capture the flag). You can also find games and toys made specifically for Outdoor Fun

It's easy to spend hours in this toy store full of possibilities and new discoveries! Visit West Chester Toys for in-person shopping, or shop online to pick up your order curbside (delivery not currently available).  

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