Bagel & Deli Shop, Oxford Ohio
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These Bagels Will Blow Your Mind

Bagel and Deli is the renowned home of steamed bagel sandwiches and subs in Oxford, Ohio.

Over 45 Years. 18 Bagel Flavors. 90+ Outrageous Bagel Combinations. One Fantastic Foodie Experience!

The Story Behind the Shop

For over 45 years this funky bagel shop on High Street in Uptown Oxford has been delighting visitors with wild bagel combinations and an eclectic atmosphere.

Bagel & Deli Shop, Oxford Ohio

Stepping up to the bagel bar is an exciting moment. Look up! A wall of framed delicious possibilities span the length of the shop.

Bagel & Deli Shop, Oxford Ohio

Creative bagel names, pictures that will make you laugh and a bagel of your dreams await. Deciding what to order may be the most difficult decision you make all day.

Bagel Sandwich, Bagel & Deli Shop

Getting a Custom Bagel on the Menu

It’s possible, but it’s not easy.

Step 1: Be famous or create a unique bagel combination.

Step 2: Make an eye-catching and cool sign.

Step 3: Hope you catch your big bagel break. (Beg people to order your bagel.)

The temporary menu items try out for their big chance on the main menu roster. Moving from the temp board to the main menu? The bagel has to be ordered enough times that each staff member has it memorized (which happens when something sells extremely well!)

Bagel Sandwich, Bagel & Deli Shop

10 Bagels That Will Blow Your Mind

1. Lottery – One meat, one cheese, two solid toppings and two liquid toppings all selected by Bagel and Deli Shop. Feeling lucky?

2. Crunch and Munch Turkey, smoked cheddar, lettuce, honey mustard, Parmesan peppercorn and Nacho Doritos.

3. Ozzie’s Favorite – Corned beef, double Swiss cheese and horseradish on an onion bagel.

4. Cookie Monster – Cream cheese, cinnamon and a chocolate chip cookie on a blueberry bagel.

5. Random Bagel – Veggie cream cheese, Colby, provolone, cucumbers, tomato, sprouts and mustard on bialy.

6. Urban Cowboy – You “git” turkey, pepperoni, Colby, banana peppers, onions and BBQ sauce on an onion bagel.

7. Chicago Deli – Corned beef, swiss and mustard on a pumpernickel bagel.

8. Super Deluxe Breakfast Bagel – Scrambled egg, bacon, roast beef, ½ cheddar, ½ American, honey mustard, salt and pepper on a combo (everything) bagel.

9. Banana Surprise – Cream cheese, banana slices and cinnamon on a banana nut bagel.

10. Jeopardy Bagel – What is ham, Swiss and Colby on sourdough rye?

Bagel & Deli Shop, Oxford Ohio

For those looking for something a little less adventurous, there’s “Just a Bagel” or a cream cheese bagel topped with your choice of made in-house spreads.

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119 East High Street | Oxford, Ohio

Bagel & Deli Shop, Oxford Ohio