Nelson's Popcorn Land, Fairfield Ohio
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Try 50+ Flavors at Nelson's Popcorn Land

Discover over 50 flavors of popcorn... from sweet to savory, classic to wild.

Birthday cake, maple bacon, Chicago mix, or even classic cheddar— these are all flavors at Nelson's Popcorn Land in Fairfield, Ohio. This new business offers over 50 different unique flavors of popcorn, from sweet to savory to unique. 

50+ Popcorn Flavors

Christopher Nelson is a self-proclaimed popcorn connoisseur. After much encouragement from his wife Marie, he finally decided to open his own popcorn booth at the Traders World Flea Market in Monroe. The Nelsons sold their delicious popcorn for months, until recently when they opened their permanent location in Fairfield

Nelson's Popcorn Land, Fairfield Ohio

Growing up in Chicago, Christopher was raised on the popular "Chicago Mix" (caramel and cheddar) and other popcorns from Garrett Popcorn Shop— a Chicago staple. Using that as inspiration, Nelson's Popcorn Land specializes in over 50 different flavors of popcorn, and they hope to add even more flavors in the future with their own unique popcorn recipes. 

Try Before You Buy 

Customers can discover all kinds of unique flavors like chocolate almond bliss, jalapeño cheddar, cookies and cream, bacon and ranch, Grippo's BBQ... and that's just to name a few.

The best part? You can sample before you buy! 

Nelson's Popcorn Land, Fairfield Ohio

Christopher says the four most popular sellers are currently Chicago Mix, Birthday Cake, Maple Bacon and Cinnamon Bun. They also make their own Cincinnati Mix— caramel and white cheddar. Along with popcorn, Nelson's also offers a selection of pretzels with flavors like cinnamon sugar, zesty parmesan, jalapeño cheese and more. 

You can buy popcorn and pretzels from Nelson's Popcorn Land with six different size bag options that range from $3 to $40. We have to say while the Chicago Mix is a must-try... don't be afraid to get adventurous!

Visit Nelson's Popcorn Land

5094 Pleasant Avenue | Fairfield, Ohio

Contact: (219) 814-6532

Nelson's Popcorn Land, Fairfield Ohio

Open Monday through Thursday, 10am - 6pm | Friday and Saturday, 10am - 7pm