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Liberty Township Donut Trail Shops

These delicious Liberty Township stops along the Butler County Donut Trail are a can't-miss classic! With a rotating menu of delicious offerings atop fresh baked donuts, you're sure to discover your new favorite donut of all time. Treat yourself sweets along the trail in Liberty Township! Download your passport and get excited to enjoy the ultimate foodie adventure. Visit 13 mom-and-pop donuts shops and earn a sweet T-shirt reward.

The Donut Dude

7132 Cincinnati Dayton Rd. Liberty Township OH 45069
Location: Liberty Township

The Donut Dude offers fun donuts covered in a variety of toppings including fruit, sprinkles, cereal, and more! Try a classic glazed or a chocolate frosted donut with sprinkles, or if you're feeling adventurous, sink your teeth into a jalapeño cheddar fritter!

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