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Tourism Effect

Tourism is an important, vital and growing industry in Butler County. Accounting for nearly one billion dollars in economic impact annually, the Butler County tourism industry is an economic driver that creates and sustains jobs and saves local residents millions of tax dollars annually through boosting local tax collections through non-resident funding sources.

The Tourism Effect is significant:

  • Visitors to Butler County spend a total of $955 million in the region, resulting in over $25.3 million in local tax receipts annually
  • Travel & tourism infuses over $30 per second into the local economy
  • Tax revenue from tourists saves each Ohio family of four $650 in additional taxes each year
  • Over 13,000 Butler County jobs are supported through tourism. This translates into 1 of every 13 salaried jobs
  • Every $1 invested by Travel Butler County in marketing efforts returns $5.47 in economic impact to Butler County

Across the region, travel employs a diverse workforce, from hotel employees, to restaurant, attraction, tour guide and retail workers. It also supports employees in other industry sectors such as construction, manufacturing and finance. While the Butler County tourism industry is often not initially as visible as other local industries, the tourism industry creates an enormous amount of local jobs. In fact, 1 of every 13 salaried jobs within Butler County is supported by tourism. These jobs result in total personal income of $262 million per year.

Butler County welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors to the region annually. Many of those visitors are drawn to the area to experience our diverse communities, top-notch shopping, one-of-a-kind attractions, excellent restaurants and modern accommodations. These visitors represent a powerful and important source of economic activity for Butler County. In fact, the taxes generated through non-resident spending save the average Ohio family of four an average of 650 annually in taxes. Without non-resident spending, local residents would have to spend more annually just to cover basic government services.

Did You Know?

  • Travel Butler County reaches over 10 million potential travelers annually through marketing efforts
  • Travel Butler County produces and distributes 40,000 Official Butler County Insider Guides each year. Guides are distributed across the Midwest to potential visitors, sporting events and group travelers.
  • Butler County has hosted 19 national sports championships since 2012.
  • Travel Butler County was awarded the Sports Tourism Organization of the Year Award by the National Association of Sports Commissions in 2014.
  • Travel Butler County produces award-winning marketing and advertising that has recently been recognized as the best in Ohio by the Ohio Travel Association.

For more information on Butler County tourism or the work of Travel Butler County, please call 513-860-4194, or stop by the welcome center at 8756 Union Centre Blvd., West Chester, OH 45069.