• Aug 22

    Hooray for Holtman's

    There’s a new “kid” in town with an amazing track record. Prep your taste buds for some incredible confections and timeless classics. With their original recipes dating 50 years, and their icings and custards made from scratch, every donut is “a handmade labor of love”. Say hello to West Chester’s

  • Aug 10

    A Day in Lindenwald

    Some people call it a city within a city. Some people call it The Wald. Some, simply Lindenwald. Anyway you slice it, there’s something buzzing here. Community pride bursts from every person, corner, and park in this unique Hamilton neighborhood. We went to find out what all the talk’s about

  • Aug 9

    The Conrad Formal Gardens

    Ahhhh Summer! Warm days and glorious sunshine. I do everything in my power to spend time as much time as possible outside, so if there’s an opportunity to experience something outdoors, I’m there! I recently heard about The Conrad Formal Gardens in Oxford, Ohio. An elegant flower garden on the

  • Aug 8

    Making a Masterpiece

    We see them, we admire them, we have no idea how much work goes into them. What am I taking about? Murals. These colossal works of street art adorn the walls of Hamilton, adding a colorful pop to the downtown landscape. One recent sunny summer day, I got the inside

  • Aug 1

    Farm to Vase

    I wasn’t blessed with a green thumb. It makes me sad to admit that plants seem to come to a very quick, tragic end under my loving care. But, that doesn’t stop me from trying. I love fresh flowers in my house. I just don’t seem to have the talent