• Feb 14

    The Hughes Schoolhouse: A Moment Captured in Time

    I relish in glimpses of life from the past. The majority of the time, this merely includes admiring my dad’s impressive record collection or carefully flipping through the photographic slides of my grandmother’s stereoscope. But recently, I walked into a moment that was captured in time – a beautifully preserved

  • Feb 13

    Country Barrel Restaurant

    Breakfast is a special and treasured meal to many like myself. It is about more than the start to a day, but about coming together with those you love for a delicious event unlike any other. There is sweet and there is savory. There is hot and there is cold

  • Feb 13

    Mad Mikes Burgers & Fries

    As an appreciator of Americana-style food, I’m always on the hunt for the new and delicious restaurants to try. This is especially true when it comes to burger restaurants. Everywhere I go, I keep an eye out for distinctive and exciting looking (and tasting) burgers; I personally think you can

  • Feb 13

    Panaderia La Mexicana: An Inside Look

    Family history, lively Hispanic tunes, and the sweet sights and aromas of fresh baked goods envelop you at Panaderia La Mexicana. This Fairfield treasure is home to over 80 different varieties of pastries and breads, the very first bakery of its kind in the area. From rich, sugary classics like

  • Feb 12

    A History Of The Muhlhauser Barn

    Everyone loves a good afternoon stroll through a park with their children, doggo, or parents. It reminds them of a simpler time when things weren’t as technological and phones sat in the living room not in your pocket. Some parks hold relics that stand as a reminder to this not

  • Feb 7

    Makers Movement

    An item created by a true artisan just exudes passion. You can physically see the beauty, feel the ingenuity, and nearly breathe in the hard work that was poured into the piece. Behind these pieces, lies their creators. The people who have spent countless hours putting pen to paper, envisioning

  • Feb 5

    The Perfect Valentine's Day

    Are you racing to find that special someone a special something? Maybe you're a little nervous about impressing a new sweetie? We're here to help! So sit back, relax, have a glass of Hanover Winery's Cabernet Sauvignon, because no matter your budget, this Valentine's Day is going to be one

  • Feb 5

    A Taste of Korea

    Once every four years we are treated to the sights and sounds of seeing the best athletes from around the world compete for gold from some place cold. This year is no exception as the Winter Olympics get underway this weekend from Pyeongchang, South Korea. It can take a lifetime

  • Feb 2

    Turn the Pages at Crab Apple Books

    As a society, we are fascinated by stories. Stories of triumph, love, grandeur, and friendship make us feel alive and set us on an impassioned journey of lifelong learning. Cracking open a good book and falling in love with the world it creates is an experience that inspires us all

  • Feb 2

    The Arches of Hamilton

    The cities that we live in and travel to come with them an incredible number of hidden gems and stories yet to be told. The roads we walk on, and bridges we pass under are the product of centuries of infrastructure building upon each other to become the places we