White Dog Distilling Company

3 Places for Bourbon Lovers

Are you a bourbon enthusiast?

Whether you consider yourself an expert on bourbon or simply enjoy a tasting, Butler County is home to three awesome places for you to check out.

The Oscar Station

8871 N Gilmore Road | Fairfield, Ohio

The Oscar Station, Fairfield Ohio

The Oscar Station is an event venue and bourbon bar like you've never seen before; complete with its own monorail, over 50 rare bourbons, an outdoor patio and so much more. This rustic, repurposed space has a ton of character and the bar, offering 100 different bourbons, is the star of the show. Above the bar is a revolving, repurposed dry-cleaning rack used to showcase 45 of the most hard to find bourbons— from the Pappy Van Winkle collection, Elmer T. Lee, E.H. Taylor Jr., Old Forester...and the list goes on. 

Billy Yanks Restaurant + Bar

205 Main Street | Hamilton, Ohio

Billy Yanks, Hamilton Ohio

Bold flavors, burgers and bourbon are the main attractions at Billy Yanks, restaurant and bourbon bar in Hamilton. Their main dining room is family-friendly and perfect for anyone in the mood for a good burger, some mac and cheese, or handcrafted salads. The bourbon bar is a bit more upscale, highlighting a fun appetizer menu and high-end cocktails.

White Dog Distilling Company

1357 Central Avenue | Middletown, Ohio

White Dog Distilling Company, Middletown Ohio

Locally owned and in the heart of Middletown is The White Dog Distilling Company. This local bar distills their own artisan rum, whiskey, vodka, gin, and bourbon right in their intimate distillery. Everything is created with local ingredients. Try one of their bourbon cocktails at the bar— like Mike's famous Old Fashioned— or buy a bottle of their artisan bourbon to take home for yourself!

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