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Ohio's New Premiere Bourbon Bar & Venue

Jungle Jim's new bourbon bar + event venue... The Oscar Station!

The Oscar Station, Jungle Jim's Fairfield

The Oscar Station is a new event venue and bourbon bar— complete with its own monorail, over 50 rare bourbons, an outdoor patio and so much more. This rustic, repurposed space has a ton of character and charm from the moment you step in, down to every detail. But as a combined venue to the popular Oscar Event Center, we wouldn't expect anything less than unique from Jungle Jim's!

The WOW Factor

This multi-purpose space is open with it's one-of-a-kind bourbon bar as an event space any day of the week for weddings, parties, or other events. The Oscar Station is sure to deliver that wow factor with so much to see, experience...and drink. 

The Oscar Station has been in the making for the past 6 years, from inspiration to creation. The bar, complete with 100 bourbons, is definitely the highlight of the venue. Above the bar is a revolving, repurposed dry-cleaning rack that Jungle bought nearly 20 years ago.

"He has wanted to use this for so long," says The Oscar Station's General Manager, April Petri. "And then he said, I think this would be so cool above a bar!"

Photo Credit : Jungle Jim's International Market

The rack sat in storage before coming back to life to highlight the bar's rare bourbon brands and extensive selection. The rack showcases 45 of the most hard to find bourbons— from the Pappy Van Winkle collection, Elmer T. Lee, E.H. Taylor Jr., Old Forester...and the list goes on. 

Each of the foam bottle holders keeping the bourbon secure during its journey is custom molded to prevent the bottles from falling off while the rack is in action.

Any bourbon lover, collector or drinker will be sure to love The Oscar Station— for the show and the collection.

The Venue

In conjunction with The Oscar Event Center, you can rent The Oscar Station's for any event. The rustic style is perfect to dress up and create an industrial, chic atmosphere or make it a more casual, relaxed environment. Formerly known as the "Snake House" the building was originally housed to store the Jungle Jim's monorail. The venue has already captivated many brides-to-be with it's bar, outdoor patio and the connection to The Oscar Event Center via the monorail. Both venues are named "Oscar" after Jungle Jim's middle name. 

Photo Credit : Jungle Jim's International Market

"Choosing the right name for a new venue is very important, especially for a huge destination like Jungle Jim's. We wanted to pick a name that conveyed the connection between the new building and The Oscar Event Center because when people think of events at Jungle Jim's, they think of The Oscar Event Center," explains Jungle Jim's Creative Director, Zack Cobb. "And considering that the new building is connected to The Oscar Event Station via the monorail, we thought that the train aspect might be the biggest piece of this marketing puzzle. Since the building will be used for private events and Junglefests when it is not open to the public as a bar, we decided to call it The Oscar Station. This new addition to our store allows our guests to choose between our classic indoor event space or the new, rustic, outdoor space The Oscar Station." 

The Oscar Station can easily be converted from an indoor event to an outdoor event. An area that was once used to store extra monorail cars has been converted into a covered, heated, 8,900-square-foot outdoor patio that can be accessed through large glass garage doors in warmer months.

Any event has the option of renting both The Oscar Event Center and The Oscar Station. You can choose to hold an event in one of the classic 4 venues in the Event Center, and then have guests ride the monorail over to The Oscar Station for dinner and drinks, or an after-party. The Oscar Event Center includes space for up to 750 guests, so there's plenty of room for both a ceremony and a reception for weddings. 

Connected by Monorail

One of the greatest and most unique aspects of The Oscar Station, and Jungle Jim's in general, is the details. Majority of the fun, unique and even bizarre attractions are often repurposed items. 

The Jungle Jim monorail was a landmark, conversation starter, and a local point of interest for years. From 1974 to 1993, the monorail train carried more than 15 million Kings Island visitors on a one-mile loop. Jungle Jim bought the monorail from Kings Island over 20 years ago, but it remained as a showpiece...until now.

Photo Credit : Jungle Jim's International Market

You heard it all the time if you lived near the area— Is Jungle’s ever going to get the monorail running? Or, I wish we could actually ride the monorail.

And now, you can! The monorail is finally up and running, and will be used as transportation between the event venues. The monorail is not the only repurposed item featured in The Oscar Station. Along with the antique dry-cleaning rack, the bar was designed by hand and built with reclaimed wood and the lower portion is covered in old metal guard rails. Even the tables are made from repurposed wood from Bowling Alley lanes. 

"That's just what he [Jungle Jim] does," says April. "He buys things and then loves to bring them back to life." 

And of course, it wouldn't be a Jungle Jim's creation without some of their own history. Located around every column in the outdoor patio space of The Oscar Station are collections of photos that are laminated into each of the columns. The photos date back to the very beginning of Jungle Jim's International Market, when it was a roadside produce stand. Some photos are of the store throughout the years, or Jungle Jim's family. "It's our little piece of history back here," April says. 

Whether you're in search of a new cool hangout, a shot of rare bourbon, or an event venue— The Oscar station is worth checking out. Stop in on a Wednesday or Thursday for a hand-crafted cocktail with a Jungle Jim’s twist, try out the chef-crafted bourbon-themed snacks and appetizers, or even enjoy a cigar in the dedicated smoke-friendly lounge! It’s all happening at Ohio's new premier bourbon bar...The Oscar Station at Jungle Jim’s.

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8871 N. Gilmore Road | Fairfield, Ohio