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5 New StreetSpark Murals in Hamilton

It's time to add some more color to Hamilton!

Every summer, Hamilton's StreetSpark program brings new vibrancy to the city in the form of a mural. These five new murals will make close to three dozen pieces of art in nearly a decade. This public art program is now in its seventh year, showcasing the creativity and vision of local artists through high-quality mural designs, as well as present a diversity of artistic styles and perspectives throughout the city of Hamilton.

1. Windows for Hamilton


Lead Artist and Designer: Michelle Furr

Supporting Artists: Devin Smith, Nathan Furr, Emma Furr

Location: Corner of Pleasant and Hooven Ave in Lindenwald, Hamilton 

About the Art: The design consists of four unique stained-glass patterns that reflect craftsman, mission, prairie, and art deco design elements. The designs are unified with a common color palette. These designs pay tribute to the architecture of many homes in the Lindenwald neighborhood and the region’s long history with stained glass manufacturing and window production.


2. All Aboard! 

StreetSpark Mural

Lead Artist and Designer: Kiera Fisher

Location: Corner of MLK and Hanover just outside the Riverview neighborhood

About the Art: This mural design is inspired by the train that runs right by this mural. As adults, we are annoyed by trains; they stop us and make us late, but as kids, we stare at them in wonder when they fly by. Kiera wanted to bring back that sense of childhood wonder through this design. She chose this electricity box location because three out of the four members of this group have grown up in this exact neighborhood. Kiera's community is filled with so much diversity, so she wanted to highlight this through the girl's race. Her neighborhood is filled primarily with Black/Hispanic people and they deserve representation.


3. Colors of the River

StreetSpark Mural

Lead Artist and Designer: Sarah Hynfield

Location: Corner of Rhea and B Street, next to the river and across from Spooky Nook Sports Complex

About the Art: Like many of Sarah's pieces, this utility box design is a love letter to color and the joy it can inspire. Due to its proximity to the Great Miami River, she placed a river as the anchor for the viewer’s eye, sweeping across the piece and giving a sense of continuity. She also included a person on a boat to show the size of the space, making it feel more expansive and awe-inspiring. The dripping sheets of color above could be paint rushing down or swooping droplets of water. Sarah really enjoyed creating this piece and hope that it might brighten the day of folks passing by!


4. Bartels' Butterflies

StreetSpark Murals

Lead Artist and Designer: Madeline Tipton

Supporting Artists: Brooke Owens, Jennifer Eickelberger

Location: Bartels Heating & Cooling | 929 Main St, Hamilton

About the Art: This metamorphosis mural honors the past and looks forward to the future. As migrating creatures, monarch butterflies are a symbol of hope and transformation. There will be some reflecting of the past in the next year as Bartels celebrates their 50th anniversary. The Hamilton community will also be looking towards the future as the city is growing and transforming through art, as represented by the hands creating paper airplanes together, and welcoming new members migrating to be part of it.


5. Stream of Consciousness 

StreetSpark Mural

Lead Artist and Designer: Anissa Pulcheon

Supporting Artists: Trinity Stewart, Ellie Wallace, Olivia Celesti, Sydnie Reatherford  

Location: Hamilton Lane Library | 300 N 3rd St, Hamilton

About the Art: This design shows the Great Miami river as a young girl with flowing water as hair and a large book open in her hands. Her shirt is embroidered with German floral folk art motifs to celebrate the region's German history. Emanating out of the book are cloud-like vignettes that show various STEM concepts and careers like circuitry, entomology, botany, math, astronauts (Ohio has produced so many!) and engineering.

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