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The Butler County Warbirds Museum

Bringing WWII History to Life

Located in Middletown’s historic City Hanger, which was built in 1938, the Butler County Warbirds Museum provides a look into many fascinating World War II planes.

Front of the museum

What’s on Display:

The Aeronca L-3E at the Warbirds Museum first took flight in 1941 but can now be found at the Warbirds Museum. The aircraft didn’t have to travel far as it was actually manufactured in Middletown, too. With its 35-foot wingspan and 87 mph top speed, the plane was put to use as a tandem trainer aircraft in Texas. While it was retired from service in only 11 months, the aircraft has been restored to a flyable condition, and now, the public even has the chance to take it for a ride. 

Aeronca on ramp

You can also go for a spin in a Fairchild PT-19, a plane referred to as “the cradle of heroes.” Topping out at 124 mph, this kind of aircraft is known for its use in training bomber pilots during WW II.

Private Training Session

In addition to some of the planes on display, you can also take a look at some fascinating memorabilia. For more information about the planes on display, and insight into how the planes were refurbished, visit the Warbirds Museum's website

Ohio Air and Space Trail:

Launched in Spring 2024, America 250 Ohio announced an Ohio Air & Space Trail that features locations from around the state that showcase Ohio’s impactful history of Aviation. The BC Warbirds Museum is a featured location on the trail, and this incredible museum is a must-visit!

Visit The Butler County Warbirds Museum

2301 Wedekind Dr. | Middletown, Ohio

Saturdays and Sundays, 10am to 5pm