Jolly's Drive-In, Hamilton Ohio
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6 Popular Spots to Enjoy Root Beer

If you're a fan of root beer, then you're in for a treat.

From frosty mugs to delicious floats, here are six local spots where you can find the best root beer in town! 

The Jug

3610 Central Avenue | Middletown, Ohio

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The Jug, established in 1932, is one of the oldest hamburger restaurants in the country and is an icon in Middletown. Featuring fresh hamburgers, root beer and soft serve ice cream, enjoy your dinner by car hops for a classic drive-in experience!

Jolly's Drive-In

165 N Brookwood Avenue | Hamilton, Ohio

210 N Erie Blvd Highway | Hamilton, Ohio

Jolly's Drive In Root Beer, Hamilton Ohio

This classic drive-in you to order your food from your car and have it delivered straight to your window! The menu at Jolly's has almost been the same since they opened up in the Spring of 1937, offering classic homemade root beer, foot longs, hamburgers and root beer floats that are to die for.

Grandpa Joe's Candy Shop

1212 Central Avenue | Middletown, Ohio

Soda Wall Grandpa Joe's Candy Shop, Middletown Ohio

Grandpa Joe's Candy Shop in Middletown is your one-stop-shop for all things sweet and delicious! This nostalgic candy store has a candy buffet to fill up your very own candy box, as well as hundreds of specialty sodas - including various flavors of root beer.

Pinball Garage

113 N 3rd Street | Hamilton, Ohio

Root Beer at Pinball Garage, Hamilton Ohio

Enjoy over 40 retro pinball machines and order a drink from the full service bar while you play! Pinball Garage has 24 beers on draft, including tilted non-alcoholic root beer.

The Cone

6855 Tylersville Road | West Chester, Ohio

The Cone, West Chester Ohio

Nothing beats a delicious blend of luscious vanilla ice cream and crisp root beer on a hot summer day. The Cone is a local favorite and not only features ice cream and floats, but kiddie rides and games too! Make a stop at "One of the Top Ten Quirkiest Places to Visit in the U.S." and enjoy a delicious Brown Cow root beer float.

J&E Root Beer 

6301 Germantown Rd | Middletown, Ohio


Nestled in the heart of Middletown, J&E Root Beer Stand offers a refreshing journey to the nostalgic days of drive-ins and classic American diners. J&E Root Beer specializes in classic Americana food such as burgers, footlong hotdogs, milk shakes, chili and more. The star of the show, of course, is the root beer! Sweet, bubbly, and downright addictive. Served in frosty mugs, it's the perfect way to enjoy a classic beverage.