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A Day at Archery Arena

If you mix the classic rules of dodgeball with the thrill of paintball, Archery Arena in West Chester is born. Combat archery is the name of the game; however, no prior archery skills or experience are required. Just an interest in some adrenaline-inducing, friendly competition.

Posing at Archery Arena

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How it Works

Get a group of friends, teammates, or coworkers together and head to the arena. There’s a brief training session to help familiarize players with the rules and allows for some target practice. 

Once players feel comfortable, they’ll adorn their masks and split into two teams. As soon as the bell sounds, both teams’ race to the middle to secure a foam-tipped arrow. With suspense building, they run back to their respective sides and prepare to launch arrows from across the room. 

Archery Arena Action!

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Once you’re tagged with an arrow, you’re out for the round. Competitors can play up to four rounds, with the rules changing slightly each time. An Archery Arena expert narrates the games over a megaphone, making it feel like a real sporting match. The impact of an arrow is about the same as a dodgeball. It’s safe and allows everyone to have a blast during their time in the arena. 

Fun at Archery Arena

Photo: Facebook @ Archery Arena


Archery Arena is ideal for nontraditional parties, date nights, and teambuilding activities. Book this unique experience today!


Archery Arena

4950 Provident Dr.

Cincinnati, Ohio 45246

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