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Bask In Their Glow

Fall is a magical time of year, particularly in Ohio. The crisp feel and smell of the cooler air approaching makes the world seem new again. Friends bundle up and gather around bonfires and storytelling ensues. It’s a time for slowing down and exploring the area around you. The picturesque trees that align the streets of Butler County provide an idyllic backdrop for midday adventures.

There is no place like Garver Family Farm Market to seize the moments of early fall. Nestled along the intersection of Route 63 and Yankee Road in Monroe, lies a gigantic sunflower field.

The sunflower meadow is truly breathtaking. The vast field is home to rows and rows of four-foot-tall sunflowers. Owners Mike and Suzy Garver encourage patrons to take photos among their treasured crop during business hours, free of charge. Parking is available at the entrance to the farm.

The field is so massive that I couldn’t help but feel moved by its beauty. I succumbed to a photo-taking frenzy while trying to capture the moment during my short time in the meadow. There was so much to take in that I decided to construct a list of sunflower photo-taking tips so others do not have to suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out) on taking the best sunflower photos possible.


Sunflower Photo-Taking Tips

 Garver Market Sunflower Farm

Get low

In order to emphasize the impressive height and stance of these flowers, you have to lower yourself to the ground and shoot upward. This low-angle makes all the difference.

 Garver Family Farm Sunflowers

Don’t fret if it’s a cloudy day

It can be a bummer to venture out to a picture-perfect outdoor location only to be met with unfavorable weather. However, when dark, murky clouds hang over these brightly colored plants, it accentuates the rich colors from both the sky and the flowers. It ends up looking beautiful in photographs.


Embrace the bumblebees

It’s a special moment to see nature in action and if you blink, you’ll miss it. Approach the landed bumblebees carefully and you can photograph the pollination happening.

Garver Market Sunflower Farm


Get up close and personal

While at first glance these flowers may all look the same, upon closer inspection you can spot their uniqueness to one another. 


Most importantly, take your time

Allow yourself some time to wander. These beauties are only in full bloom for a short while, and you don’t want to miss it by not being present in the moment.


Garver Family Farm Market

6716 Hamilton Lebanon Rd.

Monroe, Ohio