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The Best Selfie Spots

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Thanks to social media and the smartphone, selfies are one of the best ways to document travels — but everyone knows the best selfies (and photos in general) come from when you're having a great time too. Traveling is a hobby for just about everyone... whether it's cross country, short road trips, or even local travel to new places. With traveling comes new experiences, new sights and new places. So it's no surprise that one would want to say, Let me take a selfie! in order to remember that place or memory. But for the best pictures to truly emerge, one needs a great location and a great memory that can complement the photo as well.

Murals in Butler County

1. The Liberty Center

The Liberty Center is not only home to a variety of shops and restaurants, but also some pretty fun murals. Some of the more well known murals are the What Lifts You? murals that were created by artist Kelsey Montague.

WhatLiftsYou Mural at Liberty Center Ohio

 Before snapping the ultimate Instagram, take a moment to admire the details. Southwestern Ohio staples like Skyline Chili, the always adorable Fiona, and shopping bags are interwoven in her delicate brush strokes of each mural.

Liberty Center #WhatLiftsYou Murals

2. Oxford, Ohio

Across the street from the Oxford Community Arts Center, facing uptown, is a beautiful mural that celebrates Oxford's role in 1964's Freedom Summer. Look closely for the key images in the mural that relate to the Civil Rights history in Oxford. Not only does this mural add beautiful art to the town, but there is also a lot to learn from it. While in Oxford, be sure to stop by the Richard and Carole Cocks Art Museum at Miami University for more art and history (The Museum will re-open in August for the Fall season). 

Oxford Civil Rights Mural

3. Hamilton, Ohio

Hamilton is covered with murals, which is largely accredited to the Street Spark program, which has three more large murals in the works for this summer. Here are some incredible examples:

The Alexander Hamilton Mural can be found at the corner of Main and D Street in Armstead Park. It's also right next to True West Coffee and across the street from The Village Parlor. Before stopping for a picture, grab a coffee or ice cream sundae, and enjoy the other businesses on the same street; pour your own candle at Petals & Wicks, have lunch at Fretboard Brewing & Public House or stop by lahVdah to shop!

Mural Selfie

Photo Credit : IG-eclectickurves

The mural below, entitled Hey Cady-O, can be found on the side of Jeff Pohlman Tire & Auto Repair at 736 High St. 

Car Mural Selfie

Photo Credit : IG-abbysaylor

Just a few blocks down you'll find another beautiful mural, Incrementum, as well as some pretty cool shops and restaurants! 

4. Middletown, Ohio

Downtown Middletown's art is full of color, beauty and significance. You can take the New Discoveries Walking Mural Tour in Middletown, which features 14 different murals— including the two you'll see below! The tour is self-guided and is about a 1 mile journey. 

This stunning and abstract mural below, Goddess of the Street Waters, was brought to Middletown by the lead artist's vision for Goddess Oshun, from Barracoa, Cuba. This piece can be spotted adorning the exterior walls of Flowers by Roger at 1210 Manchester Ave. 

Vibrant Art Photo Op

Another popular photo opportunity is this Musical Mural, designed by local artist, Sam Ashworth, that doubles as the perfect backdrop for the concerts held on Governor’s Square. 

Downtown Middletown Murals

After admiring and taking advantage of these perfect instagrammable spots, Middletown has a ton of other great offers like Haute Glass Fusion Studio and Grandpa Joe's Candy Shop

The Great Outdoors

1. Burwinkel Farms

The sunflower fields of Burwinkel Farms not only make for an enchanting photo, but their hayrides through the fields in the Fall are an awesome experience. 

Burwinkel Sunflower Fields

2. Rentschler Forest

The Rentschler Forest Preserve includes about a half-mile frontage along the Great Miami River. Here you'll find acres of woods, a prehistoric Indian earthwork, and plenty of opportunities for activities and selfies.

Outdoors Selfie

Photo Credit : IG-nicolegoesexploring

3. Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park & Museum

Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park is one of Hamilton's best hidden gems. It features over 300 acres of beautiful natural scenery and art in nature, so it's the perfect place for a walk, picnic, art gazing, and snap some pretty amazing pictures too. 

Outdoor Photoshoots

Photo Credit : IG-karynlocke

Sculpture selfies

Photo Credit : IG-omtheday

Outdoor Woods Selfie Photo

Photo Credit : IG-twogirlsonecbus

4. Crawford Woods Park 

There are numerous parks and trails all around Butler County, including 54-acred Crawford Woods. This park is one of the parks in Hamilton that features pieces of public art through the Arts in the Parks program. Not only does this art liven up our county parks, but it also makes for a great photo. 

Crawford Woods Art

Photo Credit : IG-nicolegoesexploring

5. Hanover Winery

This is Butler County's first winery! If a great variety of wine and good times with friends isn't enough for a photo op, it helps that Hanover Winery is located on beautiful grounds. 

Hanover Deck Selfie

Photo Credit : IG-emilyvdw

Boutiques & Shops

1. Scripted Studio

Scripted Studio is a wonderful shop in Hamilton, full of eclectic stationary, gift wrap, cards for all occasions and delightful doodads. When walking in you'll notice the vibrant atmosphere with this entry wall — which also makes for a great photo op!

Entry Wall

2. Unsung Salvage Design Co.

Another Hamilton Street Spark mural is located on the side the building that is home to Unsung Salvage at 212 Main Street. The mural is titled The Delicate Balance of Progress to evoke the notions of serenity, fragility and peace. 

Store Side Mural

Once you get your pic, stop into Unsung Salvage for some truly unique, vintage, and reclaimed items! 

The Donut Trail

1. Make Way for McCloskey Mural

This mural was one of the first projects for Street Spark, featuring local writer and illustrator, Robert McCloskey. This composition incorporates images from his books Blueberries for Sal, Make Way for Ducklings and Homer Price. It's also a popular spot for Donut Trailers to stop for a photo while completing the trail! 

Donut Mural Selfie

Photo Credit : IG-hindamitchell

2. Central Pastry Shop Mural

Central Pastry Shop is one of the 12 stops of local donut shops along the trail. They're located in Middletown and have this fun donut mural in their shop — a perfect picture to help document your trail experience! Other Donut Shops along the trail feature fun and creative art as well, such as Jupiter Coffee and Donuts in Fairfield. 

Shop Mural Photo

Photo Credit : IG-breakfastwithnick

3. Martin's Donuts

Another popular spot for photoshoots on the Donut Trail is Martin's Donuts in Trenton. They're entire exterior is this vibrant, bubble gum pink, which makes it the ideal place to pose with your donuts — Martin's Cherry Cheesecake, Pumpkin Cake, and Peanut Butter donuts are a few favorites of previous Donut Trail conquerers!

Bright pink wall

Photo Credit : IG-stillcutedough

Where are you looking forward to adventuring... and selfieing in Butler County?

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