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A Bevy of Fall Beverages

Most of us love a PSL. It’s like a hug in a cup, and it practically signifies the start of fall! We had to question though, what else is out there? We set out on a mission to find other delicious fall beverages to cradle in our hands, take pictures with and keep our autumnal hearts happy.


Pumpkin White Mocha

CAVU Coffee

This artisanal coffee shop serves amazing fall beverages with their handcrafted pumpkin sauce that’s made in small batches in house.

 Pumpkin at CAVU Coffee

Photo: CAVU Coffee



Yes, you read that correctly! Haven’t heard of Chaider yet? That’s why we’re here. This hybrid beverage proudly accepts its fall identity as a perfect blend of Chai Tea and Apple Cider.

Kofenya Oxford Ohio

Photo: Kofenya


Apple Cider

Niederman Family Farm

Check out the Niederman Family Farm Fall Festival AND sip on some tasty apple cider.

 Niederman Family Farm

Photo: Instagram - Ryan Tarpley

While you’re there you may as well pick up some candy apples for good measure…

 Niederman Family Farm Caramel Apples

Photo: Niederman Family Farm


Pumpkin Brews

Jungle Jim’s International Market

With a selection of over 4,000 beers, you can rest assured fall beers are in that mix. Here are just a few you can get your hands on….

Pumpkin Beer at Jungle Jim's

Photo: Jungle Jim's International Market


Hot Chocolate with a Twist

Triple Moon Coffee Company

Hot chocolate is a seasonal staple! This Middletown coffee house has taken hot chocolate to a whole new level with Salted Caramel and Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate. 

 Hot Chocolate Triple Moon Coffee


Turtle Latte

True West Coffee

True West Coffee has a dreamy menu of latte combinations. The chocolate, caramel and hazelnut found in the Turtle Latte makes for a great fall choice (let’s be honest, this sounds good year-round).

 True West Coffee Latte

Photo: True West Coffee