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Drop in this new tea shop for the highest quality bubble milk tea.

Drop in Tea, Bubble Tea Shop

Mango to matcha, peach to passion fruit, or even Oreo chocolate— Drop in Tea offers the freshest flavors and highest-quality tea, located in the heart of Oxford on Miami University's charming campus. Couple Richard and Yuhang Kwong decided to open their business with their friends Catherine Tong and Bruce Chen, with a mission to change the way people see boba with their authentic bubble teas. 

Passion Project

From the very beginning, Drop in Tea has always been a passion project to introduce people to the many delicious combinations of bubble tea. Along with running the shop, all four of the owners have other careers. Yuhang also works in healthcare as a Respiratory Therapist, but says the shop is their dream business. 

Drop in Tea, Oxford Ohio

"Our goal when opening was less about making money, and more about creating a cozy atmosphere with good tea and good service," she says. 

Growing up in China, Yuhang compares bubble tea shops over there to coffee shops here in America. She says a lot of people have an idea of what tea is, but don't realize all that you can do with it. 

Drop in Tea, Custom Menu

Photo Credit : Drop in Tea, Menu

With that notion, Drop in Tea opened in September of 2020 with the mission to change the way people think about tea and introduce them to the many different combinations. Customers also have the choice to customize their own drink, with the option to choose their own level of sweetness and amount of ice.

The Signature Bubble Milk Tea

The Brown Sugar Milk Tea is the most popular item at Drop in Tea. Yuhang said they didn't expect it to be so popular, but it has been one of their best selling flavors since they opened, so they decided to make it their signature.

Brown Sugar Milk Tea

Photo Credit : Drop in Tea

Brown Sugar Boba took the world by storm recently and became a famous drink all over for any boba tea fans. The trademark tiger sugar is coined because of the tiger stripes formation on the cup due to the brown sugar syrup drips. This delicious flavor combined with the high-quality ingredients at Drop in Tea make this drink a must-try! 

Quali-Tea Fresh Flavors

To ensure the highest quality of tea, Yuhang says they hand-select their tea blends and get them imported from China. They also use fresh fruit for their fruit teas, and other high quality ingredients to create fashionable drinks that are rich in flavor. 

Drop in Tea, Miami University

Photo Credit : Drop in Tea

Their menu includes a large selection of bubble tea flavors, sparkling teas, fruit teas, tea lattes, smoothies and a variety of different toppings too. Not to mention, the menu is completely versatile for any time of the year.

For the upcoming Spring, try something light and refreshing like the Cherry Blossom Lychee Rose Sparkling Tea— pictured below!

Bubble Tea Shop, Miami University

Photo Credit : Drop in Tea

Or if you are looking for something a little more rich and creamy, they have the perfect option for that too. When marshmallows meet boba... you get a delicious chocolate milk tea! 

Drop in Tea, Chocolate Milk Tea

Photo Credit : Drop in Tea

Yuhang says they are always happy to offer recommendations for any customer and help them find something they'll like. Even if you don't typically like tea, you will be able to find your perfect order at Drop in Tea.

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Drop in Tea, Ohio