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Chick'nCone: The New Take on Chicken & Waffles

A new creative take on chicken and waffles! 

Chick'NCone, Hamilton Ohio

Chick'nCone is the newest addition to Hamilton's Riverfront Plaza, serving up fork-free chicken and waffles. This craft chicken joint serves their crispy chicken wings in a variety of signature sauces— all inside of a freshly rolled waffle cone. 

The Chick'NCone Experience

Chicken and waffles has become a foodie phenomenon over the last few years, but Chick'nCone takes this favorite to a whole new level. Not to mention, this meal is 100% photo-worthy. 

Chick'NCone Chicken & Waffles

Photo Credit : Chick'NCone 

When you go to order, you can choose to have your wings tossed in sauce, or get the sauce on the side... we highly recommend getting your wings tossed. The savory flavors mixed with a touch of sweet from the waffle cone is the perfect balance. You'll also have to make the choice between six signature sauces:

  • Traditional BBQ
  • Cinna-Maple
  • Yella BBQ
  • Kick'nRanch
  • Buffalo Blue
  • Peri Peri

For the side, choose their delicious Mac'nCheese or the Caj'nCorn. You can even get your Mac inside of the cone too.

Chick'NCone, Hamilton Ohio

Of course, they also offer staples like the chicken sandwich, chicken tenders and ice cream... because you can't have waffle cones without ice cream! 

Eat & Explore with DORA

You can dine-in or carryout when you visit Chick'nCone, and these chicken and waffles make the perfect carryout meal. Especially being located at Riverfront Plaza, it's a great place to grab a cone and a DORA beverage before heading across the street to explore Marcum Park.

Hamilton Ohio DORA

Along with your meal, you can add a slushie or choose from their selection of beers and cocktails. If you're taking it to go, then you'll get your drink in the designated DORA cup.   

Ideal for any nice day, explore Hamilton with Chick'nCone in hand. Snap a pic of the deliciousness and don't forget to tag #BCinspired on Instagram!

Visit Chick'NCone

134 Riverfront Plaza | Hamilton, OH 45011

Chick'NCone Ohio


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