St. Patrick's Day in Ohio
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Guide to Beer for St. Patrick's Day

The must-know beer list for St. Patrick's Day!

Ireland is known for two great contributions when it comes to drinking: Irish whiskey and Irish beer. We are going to focus on the latter of those contributions, as the delicious stouts, ales and lagers of Ireland have become staple items at most St. Patrick's Day celebrations. We're going to be talking about 2 of the most popular types of beer in Ireland— the Irish Dry Stout and the Irish Red ale— and the most similar brews you can try here at our local breweries. Let's get started! 

Irish Dry Stout 

Characteristics: Jet black to deep brown in appearance, with some garnet highlights here and there. The second signature is the thick, creamy, long-lasting tan to brown colored head. 

Taste: Super creamy and a moderate, roasty, grainy sharpness of flavor, with medium to high hop-bitterness. The roasted grains provide a dry, coffee-like finish and often some unsweetened chocolate character in the palate. 

Food Pairings: Basically, any member of the shellfish family is a great option with this style of beer. Other great pairings would be pork, ham, sausage, bacon or tenderloin. Most heartier, richer foods apply here as well— BBQ, burgers or even steak. 

Comparisons to Try: American style stouts, modern Porter styles, and dark brown ales. 

1. Brewer's Breakfast | Grainworks Brewing, West Chester

This brew is a bold Imperial Oatmeal Stout. As it warms, the added cocoa comes through to fold in a subtle, pleasant sweetness. You can also try the Rusty Bumper (smooth drinking brown ale with hints of coffee and chocolate).

Photo Credit : Grainworks Brewing

2. We Been Dancin' | Swine City Brewing, Fairfield

An American Brown Ale with notes of caramel and honey. This malt forward Brown Ale will have you dancin' all night long!

Swine City Brewing

Photo Credit : Swine City Brewing

3. Midnight Cut | Municipal Brew Works, Hamilton

This American Porter has the sophistication of roasted coffee, the sharp bite of dark chocolate and the slightest wisp of smokiness. You can also try the True West (The Midnight Cut Porter with cold brewed coffee from True West Coffee blended in). 

Municipal Brewing, Ohio

Photo Credit : Municipal Brew Works

4. Black Solstice | Figleaf Brewing Company, Middletown

This stout has warm, inviting aromas of dark chocolate and raisins with subtle molasses notes in the background. This yummy brew is sure to satisfy your St. Patty's Day cravings!

Photo Credit : FigLeaf Brewing Company

5. Nat's Nightcap | DogBerry Brewing, West Chester

Dark and dry American Stout with a medium body, sharp roast and light smokey notes.

DogBerry Brewing

Photo Credit : DogBerry Brewing

Irish Red Ale

Characteristics: These beers have a low to moderate malt aroma, with some whiffs of caramel, toast, and toffee. There is very little going on as far as hops and their signature is that amber, red, or copper color with a minimal off-white head.

Taste: Solid, slightly sweet caramel malt flavor is the first thing you’ll notice upon your first sip, with some roasted grain and a dry finish.

Food Pairings: Red ale will pair nicely with just about anything that may be on the grill or oven-roasted— chicken, barbecue, seafood, burgers or even pizza would be a great option. Don’t be afraid to spice it up either, as the sweetness in the beer and the dry finish will help to cool off any heat. 

Comparisons to Try: American red ales and amber ales. 

1. Trey | Fretboard Brewing & Public House, Hamilton

This red-amber ale supplies earthy notes of the Ahtanum hop, with a rich amber color, medium body, and subtle spice.

Fretboard Brewing & Public House

2. Irish Red Ale | N.E.W. Ales Brewing, Middletown

Crafted with a special blend of caramel, roasted, and rye malts, this traditional ale boasts a smooth texture with hints of toffee and biscuit.

NEW Ales Brewing, Middletown Ohio

3. Free City Ale | Municipal Brew Works, Hamilton

This red-amber ale has sweet, clean malts with a balancing dose of spicy hops that make this an easy drinking, tasty and fun brew.

Municipal Brew Works

Photo Credit : Municipal Brew Works

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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