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The Cracked Pot Coffee & Crepes

Find high quality, carefully crafted coffees and crepes!

Brian and Tracy Teetzen and their daughter, Cassidy, moved from Lebanon to Middletown in order to open their dream business. The Cracked Pot Coffee & Crepes opened in July of 2022 and has already become a local favorite. 

The Dream

When the Teetzen family moved to Middletown about 3 years ago, they began their life-long aspiration of opening their own crepe and coffee shop. They converted a former Realtor office into their cozy and charming shop on Central Avenue. The family, along with Cassidy's boyfriend Jordan Coix, worked together to renovate the shop and turn it into their dream business. 

The Cracked Pot Coffee & Crepes, Middletown Ohio

Owning a coffee shop had been Tracy and Brian's aspiration for years; they modeled their vision after a coffee shop that the couple frequented on a previous trip to Germany. The goal was to create a space where people could feel at home while getting a fresh, high quality meal. 

While looking for a location, the character of the building captured Tracy and Cassidy's hearts immediately; they could envision the look and atmosphere of their shop. Throughout the renovations, they kept a lot of the building's initial charm while adding their own unique touches. "It all just came together," Brain says.

The Cracked Pot Coffee & Crepes, Middletown Ohio

Cassidy also works with a lot of local artists to sell locally-made sculptures, jewelry and art at the shop. All of the art adds a unique aspect to the eclectic and fun decor throughout the shop. 

The name "The Cracked Pot" was chosen by Tracy, paying tribute to an Indian folktale that she had always admired. The story's message focuses on always staying true to who you are, and realizing that your flaws can also be your strengths. 

The Menu

Everything on the menu is made-to-order, and every recipe was a family-tested creation. There is a mix of both sweet and savory crepe options, as well as a full coffee menu. 

The Cracked Pot, Middletown Ohio

The Last Breakfast is one of the top-sellers, but everyone has their personal favorite. With so many options, its a great place to stop by for breakfast or for lunch. Check out some of the delicious creations below...

Strawberry Fields : Strawberries, freshly squeezed lemon, sugar + whipped cream

Strawberry Fields Crepe, The Cracked Pot

Farm BoySteak, bacon, egg, cheddar, hash browns + onion

The Last Breakfast Crepe, Middletown Ohio

Cinnamon RollCinnamon sugar, cheesecake cream + candied walnuts

Cinnamon Roll Crepe, Middletown Ohio

The Philly : Steak, white American cheese, mushrooms, green peppers + onion

The Fun Guy Crepe, The Cracked Pot

...and that's only a few! Visit The Cracked Pot to check out all of their delicious sweet and savory crepes.

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The Cracked Pot, Middletown Ohio