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The Best Dips in the BC

Let's go for a dip...

The best way to kickstart any meal is with a dip— they're shareable, versatile, and delicious. From savory, to sweet, to spicy, a good dip can be addicting. Dunk into any one of these delicious dips below and we dare you to not want to finish the entire bowl!

Queso at Agave & Rye

Agave & Rye Queso

Photo Credit : @drinkingdiningdione

This place serves epic tacos... so of course the Queso dip is also top tier. Make sure to order the Agave & Rye Queso for dipping chips, fries, or even your tacos!

Hummus at Aladdin's Eatery

Aladdin's Eatery Hummus

Photo Credit : Aladdin's Eatery

Aladdin's Eatery makes the most delicious, authentic hummus. It's the perfect combination of creamy, zesty, and spicy. Paired with their fresh, homemade pita chips, it's any foodie's dream. 

Buffalo Chicken Dip at Gaslight Brewhouse

Gaslight Brewhouse Buffalo Chicken Dip

Photo Credit : Gaslight Brewhouse

Buffalo chicken dip is a Midwestern classic... and Gaslight Brewhouse does it right! Served with tortilla chips and celery, this is a great start to your meal. Try the buffalo chicken wrap, sandwich, or salad too.

Hummus from Chickpea Chicks

Chickpea Chicks Hummus

Photo Credit : Chickpea Chicks

Small batch, artisanal hummus in all kinds of fresh flavors. Chickpea Chicks offers a wide variety of freshly made hummus, seasonal flavors, and even sweet dessert blends. 

Guacamole at Veracruz Mexican Restaurant

Veracruz Guacamole

Photo Credit : Veracruz Mexican Restaurant

Find the most refreshing bowl of guac here at Veracruz Mexican Restaurant. The homemade recipe is second to none! 

Pimiento Cheese Dip at Northstar Cafe

Northstar Cafe Pimiento Cheese

Photo Credit : Northstar Cafe

The perfect cheesy spread with a hint of spice. This dip pairs perfectly with tortilla chips and any craft cocktail from Northstar Cafe in Liberty Center.

Swiss Chard Artichoke Dip at Cozy's Cafe & Pub

Photo Credits: Cozy's Cafe & Pub 

This dip is the perfect appetizer to start your meal off. Made with local Swiss chard, Artichokes, Rich Cheese, Crispy Guanciale, and served with Parmesan Grilled Bread at Cozy's Cafe & Pub.  

Beer Cheese Dip at The Swire Inn 

Photo Credits: The Swire Inn

Enjoy a house made beer cheese served with soft Bavarian pretzels at The Swire Inn. This pairing will make for a delicious starter to enjoy before your meal comes out.

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