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EcoVentures: Bull's Run Nature Sanctuary & Arboretum

Leave only footprints and take only memories!

Bull's Run

Join us on an eco-venture to Bull's Run in Middletown, Ohio. This local park is dedicated to preserving the natural area and developing the park as an environmental educational facility for all who visit.

History of Bull's Run Sanctuary & Arboretum

This beautiful 11 acre park is home to multiple hiking trails, the last free-flowing section of the Bull's Run Creek, a rain garden, arboretum, meadow and so much more.  The name "Bull's Run" comes from the mid-1800s when the park was used as a grazing pasture for bulls. Between 1924-1972, the land was the site for a Fresh Air Camp for children, as the fear of tuberculosis had gripped the nation. 

Bull's Run

Since 1978, the land has belonged to a non-profit organization, Bull's Run Corporate, who is dedicated to restoring the diversity of native flora, presenting educational programs to the community, and maintaining the Sanctuary as a visual and spiritual retreat for all who visit. 

Hiking Trails

You can find three trails at Bull's Run— each one is a fairly short hike, but the terrain is very hilly so be sure to bring your best walking shoes! The entrance for each trail is located at the front of the park, and each trail is marked along the way.

Bull's Run Hiking Trails

  • Creek-Side Trail: about 1/3 mile
  • Birding Trail: about 1/10 mile (8 bird-feeding stations are maintained during winter for easy bird viewing)
  • Meadow Trail: about 1/10 mile

Visitors are likely to see squirrels, a variety of birds, perhaps a box turtle and an occasional deer. Spring provides many woodland wildflowers and in the Fall, the display garden of Ohio Native Plants reaches its blooming peak.

Sustainability Efforts

In addition to the beautiful, peaceful haven that you will experience on the walking trails at Bull's Run Arboretum and Sanctuary, you will also find a butterfly garden, a native Ohio plant garden, and a rain garden that each serve different environmental purposes.

Bull's Run

  • Butterfly Garden: purpose is to encourage healthy pollination in the area. 
  • Rain Garden: purpose is to slow down the rain water to prevent land erosion.
  • Native Ohio Plant Garden: purpose is to provide food, shelter and habitat for wildlife and help maintain healthy soils.

Melissa, the Naturalist of Bull's Run Sanctuary and Arboretum, always advises visitors to leave plants where they are to prevent any potential seed removal for the next growing season. 

Bull's Run

She encourages people of all ages to come to Bull's Run Sanctuary and Arboretum to learn about sustainability and the native plants of Ohio.  "If we want to continue living on this planet, we need to take care of it," says Melissa. 

What is an Arboretum?

The front of the Sanctuary serves as an arboretum, with labeled species of trees that are native to Ohio. This is important for preserving the forest and the biodiversity of the area. 

Arboretum in Middletown, Ohio

An arboretum is very important  in conservation efforts. The purpose of an arboretum is to save endangered trees, plant native trees, and also protect the wildlife that depends on them. They offer a location where trees are allowed to grow to their full and natural form for both observation and enjoyment.

How You Can Do Your Part

  • Volunteer: While membership and donations are the financial backbone of Bull’s Run, the time, effort and hard work of volunteers are the muscles that enables the non-profit to present educational programs to the general public and maintain the grounds at the Sanctuary.
  • Respect Nature: Leave only footprints on the trail; take only pictures and memories!
  • Come and Learn: Bull's Run Sanctuary and Arboretum is a dedicated environmental education facility for people of all ages. Come learn about other sustainability efforts you can do at home.

Visit Bull's Run Nature Sanctuary & Arboretum

3909 Rosedale Road | Middletown, Ohio

Open Daily from 6am – 8pm 

Bull's Run

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