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EcoVentures: Goats in Butler County MetroParks

Goats are helping Butler County MetroParks in a BIG way, and you can meet them!

Goats on the Go, Butler County MetroParks

You've Goat to be Kidding Me! 

MetroParks of Butler County has brought in a herd of goats to help manage invasive plant species and improve park aesthetics to Indian Creek MetroPark in Oxford, Ohio. By putting these goats to work, they reduce manual labor and can reach areas that are often difficult for humans and machinery to access.

Not only do the goats help improve the park, they are fun to watch— and you can meet them!

Goats Helping Butler County MetroParks

The goats are provided through a partnership with Blended Brood Farms, an affiliate of Goats on the Go, a company geared towards providing a natural solution to invasive plant management. The Butler County MetroParks is the first organization to use goats for biodiversity.

Why Goats?

Goats go where people can't, eat what most animals won't, and leave behind nothing but fertilizer. Goats on the Go uses their goats to eat problem vegetation with little damage to desirable plants.

Goats on the Go

Photo Credit : Goats on the Go

Goats can be used for reducing invasive species in prairies and woodlands, removing dangerous plants from parks and trails, and helps to eliminate the need for spraying chemicals to get rid of noxious weeds. The Butler County MetroParks are using conservation grazing to help restore the natural landscape of Indian Creek MetroPark.

Meet the Goats

Location: 3010 Indian Creek Road | Oxford, Ohio

Drop by anytime and watch these goats in action! They will be working at Indian Creek MetroPark until the end of July. Guests can park at the signed area near 3010 Indian Creek Road and follow the path to the current grazing area.

MetroParks Goat

Please remember to not feed the goats and be mindful of the electric fence on the property. The goats will be roaming and grazing, so be patient if you don't see them right away!

Flowing from north to south along the scenic banks of Indian Creek in Western Butler County, Indian Creek MetroPark encompasses 135 acres of beautiful wooded hillsides.

Indian Creek MetroPark, Oxford Ohio

Photo Credit : MetroParks of Butler County

This park offers scenic natural areas and historical sites, as well as plenty of opportunities for hiking, exploring the waterway, picnics, looking for native flora and fauna, and relaxing in the great outdoors.

MetroParks Conservation Efforts

MetroParks of Butler County has about 5,000 acres of land across Butler County. As part of their conservation efforts, they build bat houses, host educational workshops and events, reduce invasive plant species, address water contamination and waste threats, and more.

Goats Helping Butler County MetroParks

Additional management objectives include planting native grasses, wildflowers and trees that will support and nurture the areas by maintaining the growth of plant life at an optimal height for indigenous wildlife. 

Learn More 

Want to know more about MetroParks of Butler County's sustainability efforts? Visit their website here.