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State Street Coffee Offers Sustainable, Community-Driven Products

Coffee Flights, State Street Coffee Inc.

Community-Driven Coffee Shop

Diane Herbel was a nurse for 25 years and worked as a local school nurse for 5 years, but she always knew that her true passion was working with her community. She saw a need for more local businesses in her hometown and decided to open her own coffee shop in 2020. State Street Coffee is rooted in making connections and giving back to local businesses. 

"It's sustainable to invest in the community," she tells us. 

State Street Coffee

Diane partners with a lot of local businesses and artisans to sell their products at State Street. Her goal is to bring new things to her community, as well as support other small businesses. 

Partnership with Yield Coffee

In addition to partnering with local businesses and farmers, Diane roasts each cup of coffee using Yield Coffee

State Street Coffee Inc, Trenton Ohio

Yield Coffee is a humanitarian coffee roasting company dedicated to relational coffee and long-term sustainability. They collaborate closely with coffee farmers who share their commitment to sustainability, quality, and long-term relationships. 

Yield Coffee

"It's more than just good coffee; it’s knowing the farmers by name. It’s giving them a way to break the cycle of economic poverty and to invest in sustainable development around the world." - Yield Coffee Roasters

Partnering with Johnson Family Farm

Larry Johnson bought his 9-acre Oxford farm in 2013, growing lots of fruits and vegetables. As part of an experimental trial at Oregon State University, Larry was chosen along with 10 other farms across the county to grow a new berry known as a haskap berry; an oval-shaped blue berry that tastes like a blueberry and raspberry combined. He supplies haskap berries to State Street Coffee to use in refresher drinks in addition to supplying the berries to Hanover Winery to use in wine. 

Larry has created award-winning jams from his haskap berries that he has entered into the Butler County Fair. His various flavors of jams are available for purchase at farmers markets and inside State Street Coffee. 

Johnson Family Farm

Larry has also always been interested in beekeeping. Since his start with beekeeping, his hive has grown to 60 new colonies, and he has become the president of the Butler County Bee Association. He now sells his homemade, all natural honey at farmers markets and at State Street Coffee. 

State Street Coffee

Larry's goals are to educate the community about growing and sustaining food. He also teaches the basics of beekeeping through classes he hosts at his farm. 

Coffee & Tea Flights 

One of the best ways to sample different flavors of coffee or tea is ordering one of their flights. State Street Coffee offers multiple Cold Brew Flights, Tea Flights and Espresso Flights — a fun way to see what you like and share with a friend!

Tea Flight, State Street Coffee Ohio

If you have any questions or need recommendations, the friendly baristas are there to help you find your perfect drink.

Visit State Street Coffee

938 W State Street | Trenton, Ohio

Open Monday through Friday, 6am – 4pm | Saturday & Sunday, 8am – 4pm 


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