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Let's explore the magic place that's Pyramid Hill shall we?

Pyramid Hill, Hamilton OH

At the intersection of the arts and the great outdoors lies Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park & Museum, one of the largest sculpture parks in the United States. This breathtaking oasis sits high atop the hill in Hamilton, Ohio. I must admit, when I first visited many moons ago I didn't truly know what to expect. I had heard it was breathtaking, that it was inspiring, that the sculptures were monumental in size. Is all this information I had been given true? Absolutely.

The excitement builds from the moment you enter. It's a good day in my book when the entryway to a park/museum/oasis is in and of itself a massive work of art.

The History

It all began with Harry T. Wilks and his love for the hill overlooking the Great Miami River. In 1987 he purchased 40 acres to build a home surrounded in nature, the Pyramid House you can still see today. Over the years he purchased adjacent land parcels and created the 300+ acres that comprise Pyramid Hill. Want to learn more? The complete history of "The Man, The Land, The House and The Park," can be accessed and enjoyed in the Founder's Library, located within the park's Ancient Sculpture Museum.

Pyramid House at Pyramid Hill

The Sculptures

With names like Abracadabra, Dragonfly Dome and Pier Portal you can begin to daydream the experience. Stone, Metal, Rock, Abstract, Realistic, Geometric, you name it. Sculptures of all shapes, sizes and materials by world-renowned artists are carved into hillside homes. Take your time, take in your surroundings and be sure to take photos.

Abracadabra at Pyramid Hill

Ancient Sculpture Museum

Included with park admission, this might be one of Butler County's best kept secrets. The Ancient Sculpture Museum features an impressive collection of Greek, Roman, Etruscan and Egyptian pieces dating all the way back to 1550 B.C. An interesting fact that I have since learned, is that these artifacts were originally the private collection and home decor of founder, Harry T. Wilks.

 Ancient Sculpture Museum at Pyramid Hill

Start Your Art Carts

There is one parked and waiting with your name on it. These vehicles of artistic exploration make it easy to navigate and explore the park's 300+ acres. A little tip... trust in your art cart. Some of the large hills may seem unrealistic, but I promise you'll make it, laughing your way up in delight.

Art Carts at Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park

A Picnic Paradise

One of my favorites is stopping on the way up the hill for some to-go Hamilton fare. Pack a local lunch, find the perfect picnic spot, roll out the blanket, and dine in scenic serenity.

Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park Pattern IV

Animal Adventure

Leashed pets of all species are welcomed on the grounds to see sculptures with their families. Every now and again you may even see a cow going for an evening stroll...

Theo, Australian Shepherd Dog

Visit Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park & Museum 

1763 Hamilton Cleves Road | Hamilton, OH 45013

Sculpture at Pyramid Hill

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