Class Axe Throwing Cincinnati
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Get Axe-cited: Class Axe Throwing Cincinnati

Axe Throwing could be your new favorite pastime! 

Class Axe Throwing, West Chester Ohio

Come experience this thrilling, competitive and fun sport at Class Axe Throwing in West Chester, Ohio. This awesome facility has everything you need for a family get-together or friends outing. Test your axe throwing skills with a variety of games, or check out their one-of-a-kind escape rooms. 

Are You Axe-cited to Start? 

Axe throwing is a blast and perfect for any group outing. How well can you whirl a 1.5lb piece of wood and metal? Class Axe Throwing gives you the best experience from the second you walk through the door. You'll learn, practice, and then finally square off toe to toe in a group tournament that will result in the crowning of an Axe Throwing Champion!

Class Axe Throwing Cincinnati

Class Axe Throwing has multiple lanes available for you and your group to get started. Group Rates start with 1 – 3 people, 4 – 12 people, and groups of 13+ people. Reservations can be made over the phone or online here. Don't forget to wear closed-toe shoes!

Before grabbing an axe, you'll be asked to come up with your very own Axe Throwing name; the funnier the better! And axe puns are always appreciated. Need inspiration? You can check out their Hall of Fame— a room covered from floor to ceiling in name tags with some pretty excellent options. 

Class Axe Throwing, West Chester Ohio

Once everyone in your group has their name tag, it's time to get started!

Every group is paired with an Axe Throwing expert to learn the rules and go through a few practice rounds to get warmed up. Every lane at Class Axe Throwing offers three different axe sizes for you to choose from, and your expert will give you pointers on how to throw— it can be a different strategy for everyone.

Axe Throwing, Cincinnati Ohio

After you've learned how to throw and get some practice rounds in, it's time for the games to begin!

Come Axe-plore The Games

Can you hit the bullseye... or the moving target? Class Axe Throwing has digital targets, so there are a variety of fun and competitive games to choose from. The games range from beginner to expert, with a variety of different themes and objectives. 

Class Axe Throwing Games, West Chester Ohio

Your Axe Throwing expert will lay out all of the options and explain how each game works, so you and your group can choose which games to play. 

There's Balloon Pop, where all players take turns throwing their axe to pop balloons and score points; High Score, where players compete for the most points; Zombie Attack, where players throw their axes to kill zombies and score points; and many others to choose from!

Class Axe Throwing Trophy, West Chester Ohio

Your Axe Throwing expert will congratulate the winning team at the end of each game with a mini trophy— not to keep, but for bragging rights of course. 

Escape Rooms

Class Axe Throwing also offers two different escape rooms that are completely interactive and immersive experiences. Their Zombie Escape Room is a popular option...

The clock is ticking as you and your team solve the clues to try and escape, all while avoiding the real zombies (live actors) that are on the hunt to take you out of the game. Do you want to be Trapped in a Room With a Zombie?

Zombie Escape Room at Class Axe Throwing Cincinnati

The other option is to Escape the 80s House Party. You and your team need to solve the riddles to leave the party and make it out in time! This room is full of fun 80s artifacts and decor, as well as a live DJ spinning 80s tunes all night long. 

Reservations are required for both escape rooms; book online here, or contact Class Axe Throwing Cincinnati at (513) 268-2386.

Visit Class Axe Throwing

4814 Peter Place | West Chester, Ohio

Open Monday to Thursday, 10am – 9pm | Friday & Saturday, 10am – 11pm | Sunday, 10am – 8pm

Class Axe Throwing, West Chester Ohio

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