Winter Holiday Cocktails
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Get in the Holiday Spirits

When the wind begins to bluster and the snow starts to fall, unwind with a spirited holiday cocktail.

 Butler County bartenders are whipping up some beyond delicious wintery mixes for your sipping pleasure. Classic favorites and more adventurous endeavors are here to fill up your cups of cheer.

Blushing Giggle Water

Handcrafted Cocktails at Jag's Steak & Seafood

Photo Credit : Jag's Steak & Seafood

This cocktail at Jag's Steak & Seafood includes your choice of dry or sparkling wine, lillet rouge, and fresh strawberries. It's light, refreshing and full of cheer! Want to go in a different direction? Try Jag's Smoked Old Fashioned. 

Get Frosty

Holiday Cocktails & Slushies at The Frost Factory

Photo Credit : The Frost Factory, Liberty Center

Holiday flavors are finally back at The Frost Factory. Their seasonal menu includes a wide selection of holiday cocktails— both hot and cold— and new winter flavors for their build-your-own boozy slushie bar... there's a flavor for everybody! 

Cinnamon Mezcal Margarita

Winter Cocktail at The Swire Inn

Photo Credit : The Swire Inn

Who said margaritas are only for the summer? This seasonal margarita at The Swire Inn features Don Julio Tequila Anejo and is topped off with a fresh cinnamon stick. It's a unique and delicious holiday combo. 

Roast & Toast

Cozy's Roast & Toast Photo

Photo Credit : Cozy's Cafe & Pub

The Roast & Toast from Cozy's Cafe & Pub combines soulful bourbon, Creme Brulee liqueur, and frothy nitro brew coffee for a decadent mixture sure to get you in the holiday spirit. It’s topped a fluffy Marshmallow that’s toasted for you right on the spot. Gather around the fire pit in their enclosed patio and let the storytelling ensue.

Classic Hot Toddy

Hot Toddy

This magical elixir is a winter staple. Bourbon's Kitchen offers over 150 different bourbons and a large selection of handcrafted cocktails. Make sure to check out their other winter cocktails too— the Warm & Cozy, Christmas Candy, and Smoked Old Fashioned.

Fancy a Fizz 

Handcrafted Cocktails at Tano Bistro Hamilton

Photo Credit : Tano Bistro Hamilton

A seasonal favorite, this handcrafted cocktail from Tano Bistro features house-infused earl grey gin, apple, sage, canton, egg white, lillet blanc, lemon and honey! It's a cool and energizing sipper, and pairs perfectly with any Tano's delicious appetizers.

Apple Jax

Cocktails at Gaslight Brewhouse

Photo Credit : Gaslight Brewhouse

Not only does Gaslight Brewhouse offer over 30 draft beers on tap and a wide selection of local craft beers, but they also offer a variety of specialty cocktails. This cinnamon-apple seasonal sipper is a must try!


Happy Sipping!


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