Woman Flying at iFLY Liberty Center
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The thought of taking to the skies and experiencing the world from thousands of feet above the ground is something I’ve always dreamed of. iFly in Liberty Center makes these flight dreams come to fruition. Liberty Center’s iFly is the first in Ohio and creates flight simulation through an expertly engineered wind tunnel and incredible instructors that make guide you through the process. 

iFly Fun!


Once you suit up in your flight suit and goggles, you step into the tunnel and embrace the wind coming from beneath your feet. Each flight is 60 seconds each, and you can purchase a series of packages ranging from one to five flights. An iFly instructor is right alongside you, showing you how to position your body to get the most air possible. 


How It Works

Their recirculating wind tunnel for body flight is comprised of just four fans. The airflow is narrowed below the flying chamber to speed and smooth the flow and allows flyers to soar for a minute of flight.

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Experience with a Group

Experiences like this are best shared with friends and family. You and your crew can suit up together and cheer each other on while you’re flying inside the tunnel. 

iFly Soaring


Once you’ve reached new heights in the tunnel, the instructor steps in to show off their amazingly honed flying skills. Their backflips, moonwalks, and quick bursts to the ceiling look so effortless, making spectators want to learn how to master these skills as well.


iFly is open for flights 7 days a week, book yours today!


iFly Cincinnati

7689 Warehouse Row

Liberty Township, Ohio 45069