Jungle Jim's Hot Sauce

Gifts From The Jungle

In need of a memorable gift that will stand out from the rest?

Whether you're looking for the holidays, a birthday, or any kind of gift... Jungle Jim's International Market has you covered. Located in Fairfield, Jungle Jim's is iconic and a one-of-a-kind experience. With over 6.5 acres to explore, there are countless ideas for a great gift for a foodie, a friend, or a family member. Here are 10 items that we like to help get you an idea and get started!

1. The Enormous Cheese Selection

Cheese at Jungle Jim's

For the cheese lovers in your life, this is an easy gift. With over 1,400 different types of cheeses at any given moment, there is a cheese out there for any type of palette! Some of my favorites are any type of French Brie, English Cotswold, or a classic sharp cheddar. Find out your loved one's favorite cheese and set out! Pairing any type of cheese with a baguette, some crackers, or some jam would make a unique gift basket.

2. Hot Sauce

Jungle Jim's Hot Sauce

To say that Jungle Jim's hot sauce section is big is an understatement. They regularly have 1,200 different hot sauces to choose from. Picking just a couple of hot sauces for someone can be both a great gift or a fun gag gift depending on the heat! Between the funny names and unique brands, you could probably spend a few hours just reading all of the bottles! 

3. Zapp's Voodoo Chips

Voodoo Chips

Photo Credit : Zapp's Potato Chips

These wild chips can be hard to find... but are always available at Jungle Jim's! I recently discovered these chips from a friend who found them out West and I couldn't find them anywhere except for Jungle Jim's. These chips are a delicious mixture of smoky BBQ, a hint of jalapeño and salt & vinegar. With such a unique mixture of flavors within one chip, these are a great stocking stuffer for any foodie.

4. Yorkshire Tea

Yorkshire Tea

Photo Credit : Yorkshire Tea

Hot tea is one of my favorite drinks to have to relax and unwind. One of the best brands of tea that you can purchase is Taylor of Harrogate's Yorkshire Tea right from England. The Yorkshire tea is a great blend of 10-20 different teas to create a completely bright and balanced tea that is totally unique to Yorkshire Tea. Jungle Jim's also offers Yorkshire Gold, which is a much finer blend. Pair this tea with a small splash of milk and it's near perfect. This gift is from a brand that deserves to be raved about.

5. Bottle of Wine

Jungle Jim's Wine

A nice bottle of wine can sometimes be hard to find. Luckily, Jungle Jim's has 17,000 different wine labels, so there are so many to find and discover. If you need some extra help to find that perfect bottle, the knowledgeable Jungle staff is there to assist you along the way and offer recommendations. 

6. Toys & Collectibles

Jungle Jim's Toys & Collectibles, Fairfield Ohio

Jungle Jim's has a brand new Toys and Collectibles section where you can find gifts for all ages. From puzzles, games, TV memorabilia, stuffed animals, and more. You can also find a ton of merchandise for people who love movies like Harry Potter, Star Wars, Disney, and other popular favorites.

7. The Pet Aisle


Fur friends need gifts too! Jungle Jim's has a huge selection of pet accessories, toys, food, treats, and grooming necessities— 10 aisles full to be exact. With so many different brands and options, Jungle Jim's could be your one-stop shop for your pet. 

8. Craft Beer

Jungle Jim Beer

Jungle Jim's has over 4,000 beers— some are brewed right here in Butler County, whiles others are from across the world! Find a ton of selections from local Butler County breweries. Of course, all of the classics and favorites are available as well. Another option is the Build-Your-Own 6-pack, where you can choose six of your favorites. 

9. German Haribo GoldBären (Haribo Gummy Bears)

German Haribo Gummy Bears

Haribo Gummy Bears are already extremely popular in the United States, so why is this on the list? These are a great gift to a candy lover who is interested in trying the classic gummy bear from it's origin. Haribo is a German company and these Goldbären's (Gold Bears) are different from the ones that most of us are familiar with. For example, Goldbären's are made with more natural flavors, the texture is a bit tougher, and they come with an extra flavor— apple! My recommendation is to gift someone both the German version and the American version and see which one they prefer. 

10. Specialty Soda Six Pack

Craft Soda

Choose six specialty sodas and gift them to someone who consider themselves a soda connoisseur, or someone who just likes a good laugh. Some of the options at Jungle Jim's are pretty wild. Personally, I love a good root beer and they have tons to choose from— Boylan and Sioux City are a couple of my favorites! I would also pick up some zany flavors like buffalo wing soda, ranch soda, and even pickle soda as a fun gag gift.