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LahVdah Skincare + SO Much More

LahVdah Skincare + More has expanded into a full boutique!

LahVdah Skincare

Over 16 years ago, Venita Allen started her business creating all natural soaps, lip balms and candles. Her brand quickly evolved, and people fell in love with her handcrafted, all organic products. As LahVdah Skincare + More has continued to grow, Venita's successful shop has expanded into a full boutique offering clothes, accessories, gifts, and more. 

Skincare + More

From cleanser to moisturizer, lotion to bath bombs, makeup to lip balm, and so much more— lahVdah has been able to help so many people, especially those with allergies and sensitive skin. Venita is always innovating and creating new products to further help her customers.  

LahVdah Healing Butter

LahVdah's new boutique is a much larger space, so customers can find an expanded offering of their favorite products. Everything is categorized by scent, so once you know your go-to you can find the soaps, bath bombs, body butters, perfumes and other beauty products. 

LahVdah Skincare + More

Many of Venita's customers come to her with acne issues, allergies, and even radiation burns. The healing powers of LahVdah's natural ingredients have helped numerous people. Alongside beauty and bath products, Venita also makes an all natural all-purpose cleaner, laundry detergent, sanitizing sprays, bug sprays and other wellness items that do not contain any harsh chemicals. 

As always, once you step into LahVdah Boutique you'll be greeted by positive energy, vibrant colors and bright smiles to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

Boutique + More

Moving into their new space, LahVdah Skincare + More went from 1,000 to 3,300 square feet. With the large expansion, Venita has been excited to offer unique gifts and boutique items. 

LahVdah Boutique

There are now sections of the shop dedicated to apparel, purses, jewelry, shoes, and all kinds of items from local artisans. 

You can also discover some of Venita's favorite styles and products on her weekly Facebook Live Videos. 

LahVdah, Hamilton Ohio

With so much more to explore at LahVdah, it's the perfect shopping destination to find something for everyone. Venita is excited to continue to grow her customer base and community, as well as continuing to create and bring in new products. Go find your new favorite!

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3417 Princeton Road | Hamilton, OH 45011

LahVdah, Hamilton Ohio