Things to do

Let the Festivities Begin

Two summer favorites... Olympics and parties! What better way to spend this upcoming weekend, than combining the two! With the Opening Ceremonies taking place this Friday evening, plan a viewing party that will rival the competition. While the athletes may be on the road to Rio, you can still get your own taste of Brazil at Jungle Jim's International Market! Eat like an athlete, get a gold medal in décor and get your name in the party planning history books!

 Brazilian Aisle Jungle Jim's


Pão de Queijo aka Cheese Bread

These little morsels are packed with melt in your mouth flavor.

Brazilian Cheese Bread at Jungle Jim's



Who doesn't love chocolate?

Toddynho Jungle Jim's Fairfield


Wild Wings

Score a perfect 10 with these wing seasonings. Lime and Oregano, Garlic and Onion, Herbs and more!

Knorr Wing Seasoning at Jungle Jim's International Market


Guava Paste

Dating back to Brazil's colonial days, Guava Paste is used as a spread and in many recipes including Bolo de Rolo (Guava roll cake)

Guava Paste Jungle Jim's


Bauducco Wafers

Chocolate, Dulce de Leche, Coconut, Strawberry, Hazelnut...YUM!

Bauducco Wafers Jungle Jim's International Market


Tropical Produce


Perfect addition to a punch recipe!

Produce Jungle Jim's


Eat this fruit on its own as a snack or dessert, as many Brazilians do!

Produce Jungle Jim's


Maguary Nectar

Mango and guava juices!

Guava and Mango Juice Jungle Jim's



Set out a tray of these Sabor Morango (strawberry flavored) cookies

Trakinas Jungle Jim's


International brews

Spread the love worldwide. Team USA has your heart? Go for Yuengling or a little PBR. Supporting Australia? Pick up Foster’s. Jamaica is your team? Red Stripe it is. You get the idea. With a beer selection surpassing 4,000 brews, this is an easy, yet awesome way to impress guests.

 Beer Selection at Jungle Jim's

Photo: Jungle Jim's International Market


Go In on the theme

Get those gold plates, blow up silver balloons and dust off those medals you earned as a kid. Anything gold, silver or bronze goes for this occasion.

For a little extra flair you can decorate with international flags, and play national anthems from around the world as you parade around your living room.


Go ahead, fill your cart, do a little dance and take that victory lap around the Jungle. After all, you’ve earned that gold medal in party planning!

Brazil Aisle Jungle Jim's