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Meet Jody Mann and find out her favorite local spots!

Jenny Mann

Written by Jody and Jenny Mann 

As an adult with developmental disabilities, Jody Mann and her family love to explore places where she not only feels welcomed, but included. She feels fortunate to live in Butler County, a community that has worked extremely hard to be a place where the focus is on inclusion and making everyone, regardless of who they are, feel welcome. These are some of the places where Jody and Jenny Mann enjoy visiting because they feel included and comfortable. 

1. InsideOut Studio 

140 High Street | Hamilton, Ohio

Jody Mann

InsideOut Studio is one of Jody's absolute favorite places in Butler County. InsideOut provides a safe environment for artists with disabilities to produce and sell their art. Jody is one of those artists, and although she works in many mediums including clay, painting, and mosaics, glass is her favorite to work with.

Being a part of InsideOut allows Jody and many other artists with developmental disabilities to earn their own income and explore their creativity. InsideOut has also contracted many murals throughout Butler County, which gives the artists an opportunity to highlight their talent within the community. 

2. Pohlman Lanes and Family Entertainment Complex

954 Pyramid Hill Blvd | Hamilton, Ohio

Another Butler County spot that Jody likes to visit is Pohlman Lanes and Family Entertainment Complex in Hamilton. The complex is a great destination to have a blast with your entire family! The bowling lanes have optional bumpers and a bowling assist ramp, making them fully accessible and easy for anyone with mobility issues to manage. The complex also has great food -- Jody loves listening to entertaining bands while enjoying the fantastic menu during her visits!

 3. Goggin Ice Center

 610 S Oak Street | Oxford, Ohio

Goggin Ice Center is an ideal place for Jody to meet up with friends when she is in Oxford. Goggin is a campus facility dedicated to meeting the diverse recreational needs of visitors. The ice center offers special equipment to use for all capabilities. You can learn to ice skate and cheer on the Miami RedHawks hockey team! 

4. Swine City Brewing

4614 Industry Drive | Fairfield, Ohio

Swine City Brewing is a locally-owned brewery in Fairfield that Jody likes to frequent. This family-friendly business has a staff that makes all visitors feel welcome! The brewery hosts many inclusive events throughout the month -- the owners love to interact with the community and support inclusive causes. Jody often meets with friends at the brewery to grab a drink and dinner from the delicious Rock N' Rolls Kitchen. 

5. Pinball Garage

 113 N 3rd Street | Hamilton, Ohio

Pinball Garage, Hamilton Ohio

One of Jody's final must-visit recommendations is Pinball Garage -- a fun way to spend an afternoon with your family! They have games and activities for all ages and the staff is very friendly and always eager to accommodate everyone's needs. 

Visit Butler County, Ohio

Jody and her family feel incredibly grateful to live in a place like Butler County because there are so many places and businesses in this community that are supportive and inclusive. Jody encourages anyone and everyone to visit, and enjoy her favorite community spots! 

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