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Meet some locals who call Butler County home as they share their favorite places and things to do. These profiles are also featured in our 2023 Insider Guide where you can find top tips, go-to favorites, ideas for accessible travel experiences, culinary adventures to explore, and so much more.

Allyson Moore

Chubby Bunny Bakery

216 Main Street | Hamilton, Ohio

Allyson Moore, Chubby Bunny Bakery

Allyson Moore was not always the Baker Bunny. Although she always loved to bake, she never thought she would do it for a living until she was suffering from multiple health issues and discovered she has a long list of allergies. Allyson began her journey to find new ways to make meals that she enjoyed which led to opening Chubby Bunny Bakery in Hamilton. All of her goods are vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free. She has made it her mission to create delicious treats while accommodating allergies like hers. "The most rewarding part is when parents bring in their children who have never been able to go into a bakery and pick out a treat that’s safe for them to eat. The kids are so excited to do something that most of us take for granted," she says. Popular treats include pumpkin donuts, cookie sandwiches and the lunchbox brownie. Guests love to grab some treats and then do some shopping at the bakery’s neighboring shops; Unsung Salvage Design Company and Main Street Vinyl.

Carla Chalkley, Steve Ibrahim + Patty Sabino

Aladdin's Eatery

9344 Union Centre Blvd | West Chester, Ohio

Carla, Steve and Patty at Aladdin's Eatery

Since 2008, Aladdin's Eatery in West Chester has taken pride in serving quality, nutritious and delicious Lebanese-American food. First generation immigrants Carla Chalkley and Steve Ibrahim, became business partners with Patty Sabino to open up the family-owned restaurant, which also began a wonderful friendship. The three say everyone at their restaurant, including their customers, are truly one big family. "It's in our [Lebanese] culture to treat everyone like family when they come into your home," Steve says. Aladdin's dishes are not only fresh, but also perfect for those with dietary restrictions because everything is made-to-order and completely customizable. The Flavor Savor Special is a great option for first-timers who want to try a bit of everything, or a personal favorite is the Aladdin's Chicken Pitza— "Add cheddar, banana peppers and fried onions to it!" Carla recommends. The three friends also all live in the area, and appreciate the fresh food from other local spots like Northstar Café at Liberty Center or Jag’s Steak & Seafood. "Butler County people are just kind," Patty says, "Our community is so welcoming, friendly, and diverse."

Shehzad + Ambreen Saeed

Residents of Liberty Township | Photo taken at Liberty Center

7100 Foundry Row | Liberty Township, Ohio

Shehzad & Ambreen Saeed at Liberty Center Ohio

As residents of Liberty Township for over 6 years, Shehzad and Ambreen say they love living here for many reasons; good shopping, outdoor parks, great food and most importantly, a sense of community. When the couple considered moving to Ohio in 2010, the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati (located here in West Chester) played a major part in their decision to live in Butler County. "We appreciate the community’s open-minded approach, welcoming spirit, educational programs, and the dedication of leaders and volunteers. It truly is an anchor institution for the Muslim community here in the area," Shehzad says. Some of their favorite places include a meal from Cozy's Cafe and Pub, shopping at Jungle Jim's International Market, walking around VOA Park, or spending an evening at Liberty Center. "We’ve caught a lot of movies at Liberty Center's CineBistro as a family." 

Brian, Tracy + Cassidy Teetzan, + Jordan Coix

The Cracked Pot Coffee & Crepes

2024 Central Avenue | Middletown, Ohio

Brian, Tracy, Cassidy & Jordan at The Cracked Pot

When the Teetzen family moved to Middletown about 3 years ago, they began their life-long aspiration of opening their own crepe and coffee shop. The Cracked Pot opened in 2022, offering a variety of both savory and sweet crepes, as well as handcrafted lattes. Everything is made-to-order, and every recipe on the menu was a family-tested creation. The Last Breakfast is one of their top-sellers, but everyone has their personal favorite. Cassidy also works with local artists and the Middletown Pendleton Art Studios to sell locally-made sculptures, jewelry and art at the shop. Coming into a new community, Tracy says Middletown has been welcoming and supportive from the start.


Nation Road Horse Rental

6484 Morning Sun Road | Oxford, Ohio

Dutchess the Horse, Nation Road Horse Rental

Meet Dutchess, an 18 year-old Spotted Draft Horse. Not only stunning, but also a trained horse for trail rides at Nation Road Horse Rental in Oxford. Along with offering four different trail rides for guests, Dutchess helps pull wagons and equipment on this family-owned farm. She has been with Nation Road since 2018, where owner Judy Sheard renamed her, wanting to give her a regal title. "Dutchess is a sweet mare with loving eyes. To watch her run is like poetry in motion," Judy says. While some of the horses on the farm are rescues, the others are chosen based on their deposition and character. Nation Road currently has 21 horses on their farm, ranging in size to accommodate both youth and adult riders. After a day on the trails, riders can explore Oxford at local favorites like Bagel & Deli Shop or Spring Street Treats.

Eric, Jack + Mitch DePrato

Three Feather Records

1105 Magie Avenue | Fairfield, Ohio

Eric, Jack & Mitch DePrato at Three Feather Records

Owning a record shop was never in the plan, but Eric DePrato always knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur. It was his two sons Jack (21) and Mitch (17), that proposed the idea of opening a vinyl shop for music-lovers and musicians like them. The family of three thank music for comforting and bonding them after the son’s mother's passing, which is why their shop, Three Feather Records, is named in tribute to her. In a short time, TFR has been a growing success where customers can shop a variety of both new and vintage records, audio equipment, guitars, t-shirts, and local art. The shop also hosts live shows; it was important to the DePrato's to be able to help highlight local bands and musicians. "Everyone has to start somewhere and it's just awesome to watch such talented people do their thing," Eric says. The DePratos hope for their shop to become a local hangout in Fairfield while enjoying other favorite spots like The Toy Department, Namaste Curry House and Jungle Jim’s International Market.


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