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Miami Museum Adventure

Take a trip through time and traverse the globe all within one block. Miami University in Oxford features two museums for history and science lovers alike. The Robert A. Hefner Museum of Natural History and the Karl E. Limper Geology Museum are fascinating collections featuring world-class artifacts and technology right next door to each other.

 Hefner Museum Room



I began my afternoon at the Robert A. Hefner Museum of Natural History, to see the world through the eyes of beasts that live among us. These constantly evolving displays put you in the middle of the action, up close and personal like you’ve never been before.

 Hefner Museum Leopard


The preservation of some of these animals is so spot on you’ll find yourself looking over your shoulder to be sure nothing is on the move. The more you explore, you’ll hear the sounds of the wild. Your imagination will run wild with deep growls, echoing chirps, and roaring carnivores following you around every corner.     

  Hefner Museum Wolf


The expert staff are on hand for any and all questions you may have about the collection or the exotic, distant lands from which they originate.

 Hefner Museum Antelope

In addition to the main exhibits, there is an interactive children’s room that offers a chance for kids to walk in the shoes of the animals. It’s also a great place for a photo-op!

Hefner Museum Kids Room


Just a few blocks walk away was the second stop on my adventure, the Karl E. Limper Geology Museum. This recently renovated space takes your journey to the next level, out of this world, and into the universe that holds countless secrets that we’ve yet to discover. 

Limper Museum Amethyst


The highlight of this experience is the massive Omni-Globe. This interactive projector globe is unlike anything I have ever seen. Take the reins of the control panel and be transported around the galaxy within seconds. Highly advanced projections on the globe can transport you from Mars to Neptune with only one click.

Limper Museum OmniGlobe


A combination of fossils and minerals paint a fascinating mural of our prehistoric world. Extinct species from our own backyard will spark your inner archeologist. Visualize the sky raining down with a collection of meteors.

 Limper Museum Meteor


These two museums combine for an amazing adventure in Oxford. They sparked my desire get back into the wildlife, and take that extra moment when looking up at the stars. Grab a friend, or grab the kids and be sure to check out the Hefner and the Limper!

Upham Hall Miami


Admission is free for both of these experiences, see their websites for seasonal hours and days of operation.


Robert A. Hefner Museum of Natural History

Miami University

100 Upham Hall

Oxford, OH 45056


Karl E. Limper Geology Museum

Miami University

126 Shideler Hall

Oxford, OH 45056