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Take the Reins at Nation Road Horse Rental

When you spend the day at Nation Road Horse Rental, you experience life from a new point of view. This rural haven is the ideal place to unplug and center with nature. Over 20 horses reside on this gorgeous farmland. Sweet farm dogs and roosters roam about. Cared for by owner Judy Sheard and her team, these beloved equines get to trot across acres of Oxford farmland and take novice and experienced riders alike on an incredibly relaxing trail ride. 


Farm Charm

Horseback riding has been on my summer bucket list for ages. Nation Road provided the perfect opportunity with its sweeping landscapes, undeniable farm charm, and beautiful horses.


Different Rides for Different Experience Levels

Nation Road offers four different guided trail rides. Riders just need to be eight years old in order to participate! Children younger than eight can ride the ponies with a parent by their side. The rides range from a gentle 30 minutes to an hour and a half. The routes take you through evergreen paths, pasture lands, creeks, and steep hills for the skilled riders. 


It was a blissfully sunny day during our trail ride. A friend and I rode Kay and Tye, two incredibly friendly horses who were ready to embark on adventure. Along the way, Kay ran into her boyfriend, Bear and attempted to follow him home! According to our trail guide, Skylar, the two are inseparable and steer toward one another when they see each other on rides. 


A Ride that Feels Enchanted

We went the “Bird House” route. Embracing the changing topography through open fields and wooded paths. An entire stretch of trees is covered with multicolored birdhouses. It provides a bit of an enchanted forest vibe.


The Nation Road team couldn’t be kinder. They genuinely care for their horses and guests and take pride in matching each person’s personality with the right horse. It’s the ideal way to spend a summer afternoon.

Drop-ins are welcome; however, it’s recommended that riders make a reservation ahead of time. 


Nation Road Horse Rental

6484 Morning Sun Rd

Oxford, OH 45056

Seasonal Selections