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Welcome to Paris Banh Mi, a delicious new sandwich + coffee shop.

Desserts at Paris Banh Mi, Ohio

A new unique Vietnamese eatery is now open in West Chester, offering traditional banh mi sandwiches and a wide variety of other goods. Paris Banh Mi is a unique cafe and the perfect spot for breakfast or lunch. Try their bubble tea, baked goods, or one of their incredible specialty desserts. 

Cafe & Bakery

When you first walk into Paris Banh Mi, you'll discover a wall stocked with freshly baked goods. Their selection includes sweet and savory options, a ton of different croissants, custards and more. Some personal favorites are the Spinach Ricotta Croissant, Hazelnut Custard, and Avalauche Chocolate... all a 10/10! 

Paris Banh Mi Bakery

If you have not tried a Banh Mi sandwich before, this cafe is a great place to start. Banh mi is a gourmet French & Vietnamese sandwich that is filled with savory ingredients. At Paris Banh Mi, the ingredients include jalapeños, sour vegetables, cucumber, mayo, and cilantro. The sandwich is also filled with your choice of proteins like grilled pork or shredded chicken, and there are vegetarian options as well. 

In addition to banh mi, you can also find delicious croissant sandwiches on the menu. My personal favorite is the Chicken Salad Croissant, but you can't go wrong with any of their choices. Check out the full cafe menu here

Paris Banh Mi Desserts

What I loved the most during my visit, was the selection of beautiful pastries. I was in awe of the detail put into each one— they all looked too good to eat! There were so many types of cheesecake, chocolate desserts, fruity flavors, and even gluten-free options too. I recommend ordering a few different ones to taste test, because it's difficult to choose only one.  

Boba Tea

You may know it as boba tea, milk tea, or bubble tea... no matter what you call it, you can find this popular beverage at Paris Banh Mi. Not only do they offer fresh teas, but you can also try a coffee or a slush. Their signature drinks are the Paris by Night, Creme Brûlée Milk Tea, and the Paris Fruits Tea. 

Paris Banh Mi Milk Tea

If you are a fan of boba teas, you'll love the selection of boba and fruit pops. Mix and match your flavors, or ask the staff at Paris Banh Mi for their recommendation. I got the Matcha Milk Tea with mango pop for a burst of flavor. 

The Snack Bar

On your way out, be sure to check out the snack bar that features traditional Vietnamese snacks already bagged and ready to go. Find your favorite or try something new! 

Paris Banh Mi Snack Bar

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7659 Tylersville Road | West Chester, OH 45069

Paris Banh Mi, West Chester Ohio