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Dine Speakeasy Style at Pickle & Pig

Shh... what's the password?

Take a trip back to the 1930s at this new restaurant and bar in Oxford, Ohio. The Pickle & Pig is a speakeasy style burger bar. Step into their laid back establishment for delicious food, unique cocktails, and secret spaces.

Prohibition-Style Eatery

Travel back nearly a decade to when spirits were scarce and demand was high. Pickle & Pig invites you to experience their eclectic dishes, an extensive bourbon lineup, vintage cocktails, and giggle water served up by bootleggers themselves.

Pickle & Pig Bar and Restaurant, Oxford Ohio

Photo Credit : The Pickle & Pig

The moody bar and lounge area provides a cool, relaxing atmosphere for dinner and drinks. And if you really want the speakeasy experience, there's whispers of a secret study hidden away behind the bookshelves. Shh... you didn't hear it from us.

Pickle & Pig, Oxford Ohio

The Pickle & Pig menu is full of delicious dishes to try, including Duck Fat Frites, charcuterie boards, smoked pork belly, salads, and of course... a full list of mouth-watering burgers. 

The Hidden Study is a must-try— Halpern's family beef, bacon, havarti cheese, horseradish cream, hot bacon jam, tomato and greens— or The Book & The Bean for a vegetarian option— bootleggered black bean and oat burger, smoked cheddar, chipotle aioli, sliced avocado, tomato and greens.

Pickle & Pig Burger, Oxford Ohio

Photo Credit : The Pickle & Pig

Pair your meal with a vintage cocktail, and you really can't go wrong.  Whether you're in the mood for wine, whiskey, rum, vodka or gin... every cocktail is carefully crafted. Try a classic like The Bees Knees— honey, gin, and lemon— which was originally invented by the head bartender at the Ritz in Paris, right in the heart of prohibition.

Pickle & Pig Cocktail, Oxford Ohio

Or try something completely unique crafted by the bootleggers at Pickle & Pig like The Feminine Urge (pictured above) with Corazon reposado tequila, raspberry orchid syrup, triple sec and lemon juice.

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77 S Main Street | Oxford, Ohio

Pickle & Pig Speakeasy Restaurant, Oxford Ohio

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