Pinball Garage, Hamilton Ohio
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Pinball Garage may be the Home of a New World Record

A local man is attempting the world record for most hours playing pinball!

Jim Foliano will work on the pinball record at Pinball Garage in Hamilton where he must play the "Avengers: Infinity Quest Pinball Machine” for at least 63 hours— just over the current Guinness World Record.

Breaking the Record

Jim already holds a world record for receiving the most high-fives in 24 hours; he achieved 15,338 high-fives in a day during the 2023 Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon weekend. And now, he’s at it again. Jim will begin playing pinball at 9pm on Thursday, January 11th during the hours that Pinball Garage is closed.  

Pinball Garage, Hamilton Ohio

Along with breaking the record, his goal is also to raise money for the same pinball machine to be purchased for The Joe Nuxhall Miracle League Fields’ forthcoming, year-round indoor facility— The Hope Center.

Jim is the executive director for Ticket to Hope. Also based in Hamilton, Ticket to Hope is a nonprofit with the mission to bring hope to individuals needing it the most by creating unforgettable experiences. 

About Pinball Garage

The Pinball Garage has the vibe of a sports bar— offering food and a full bar— with the addition of over 40 pinball machines that are among the 50 top-rated pinball games of all time... as well as arcade games and even a cotton candy machine! 

Brad Baker, Pinball Garage Ohio

A successful journey that started on the popular show Shark Tank led the owner Brad Baker to Hamilton, Ohio to open this one-of-a-kind arcade. Before opening Pinball Garage, Brad and his company VPCabs helped pioneer the technology behind digital pinball machines. Virtual Pinball allows people to play any pinball game ever made.

It is important to Brad that Pinball Garage carries the most popular, high-quality machines available. The arcade also has a variety of other popular arcade games, claw machines, and an incredible cotton candy machine. It's a fantastic family-friendly arcade to enjoy any time!

Visit Pinball Garage

113 North 3rd Street | Hamilton, Ohio

Open Tuesday to Thursday, 4pm – 10 pm | Friday & Saturday, 12pm – 1am | Sunday, 12pm – 8pm

Pinball Garage, Hamilton Ohio

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