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Discover These 12 Local Sculptures

Our county is full of local art— including these 12 incredible sculptures throughout Fairfield. 

Summer Showers, Fairfield Sculpture

In the heart of Fairfield, Village Green Park and Town Center serve as a central hub for creativity. The area is home to the Community Arts Center, and the park is known for their Summer series of musical events and theatrical performances. To compliment all of the artistry in the area, the City of Fairfield came up with the idea to install a variety of beautiful bronze sculptures. In total, twelve pieces have been added to the community so far. The first arrived in 2002 and since then, the city has continued to install different sculptures; each with their own story. Learn more about a few of them below, or check out all twelve here.   


1. Summer Showers

Summer Showers, Fairfield Sculpture

Entitled Summer Showers, this was Fairfield's first installed scene of sculptures, featuring multiple children playing with a hose. When it was installed, the Fairfield Fire Chief saw another opportunity for creativity and hooked up a water line. In warmer months, the sculpture hose actually has water flowing from the fountain in Village Green Park. 

Location: Village Green Park | 301 Wessel Drive, Fairfield OH

Artist: George W. Lundeen


2. Poppies

Poppies, Fairfield Sculpture

Alongside the many powerful features of Veterans Memorial Park, you can also find Poppies sitting on his bench. On Memorial Day in 2002, the Veterans Park Committee unveiled this sculpture depicting a war veteran. The park also includes a 105mm Howitzer cannon, as well as other monuments and tributes dedicated to our Veterans. 

Location: Veterans Memorial Park | 701 Wessel Drive, Fairfield OH

Artist: W. Stanley "Sandy" Proctor


3. Jazz

Jazz, Fairfield Sculpture

This 79 inch sculpture depicts three musicians— one playing trumpet, another saxophone and the third, drums. It is one of only seven similar works in Ohio. You can find Jazz at the back entrance of the Community Arts Center as a nod to the performing arts and the performances held there. 

Location: Fairfield Community Arts Center | 411 Wessel Drive, Fairfield OH

Artist: Gary Alsum


4. Puppy Love

Puppy Love, Fairfield Sculpture

At the central point of Village Green Park is the playful, nostalgic sculpture Puppy Love portraying two children sitting and talking as one of them holds a puppy. This light-hearted piece reflects much of the joy that is experienced— by both children and adults— throughout the park. 

Location: Village Green Park | 301 Wessel Drive, Fairfield OH

Artist: W. Stanley "Sandy" Proctor


5. The Classics

The Classics, Fairfield OH

Directly next to Village Green park is the Fairfield Lane Library, where you can find The Classics at the entrance. A man and two children are depicted sitting on a bench reading a book together. The bench also has space for you to sit next to the sculpture for a photo opportunity. 

Location: Fairfield Lane Library | 1485 Corydale Drive, Fairfield OH

Artist: George W. Lundeen


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